Three Dynasty Buy-Lows

  • Baker Mayfield. Has Baker been laughable this year thus far? Yes. Is it time to panic? No. Cleveland’s offensive line has been embarrassing in its own right this year, especially after trading o-line stud Kevin Zeitler. Anyone who has been watching Cleveland football can tell you that Freddie Kitchens is struggling to coach in every facet, to include playcalling. Look at the Mayfield talent, though. We’re talking about a player that broke Peyton Manning’s rookie season record for passing touchdowns, with 26 in 2018. To boot, that was with only playing 14 games. Coming into this year in start up drafts, Mayfield was considered a core asset and was being drafted in superflex drafts behind only Mahomes, Luck (lol), and sometimes Watson. At only 24, Baker is a ripe asset for the taking. In 1qb leagues, consider sending a late second for Mayfield as an opening offer. Consider scanning your superflex leagues for a team that is 2-3, 3-2 or 4-1, but is struggling with Mayfield at qb. Try offering your own QB and/or juice to get the deal done. Some trades I have seen that have the DynastyGuys stamp of approval on them in Superflex leagues are:
    • Lamar Jackson for Baker and a 2020 first
    • Josh Allen for Baker
    • Winston and a 2020 second for Baker
    • Matt Ryan and a 2020 second for Baker

  • Joe Mixon. Coming off of his best performance of the year with 93 yards rushing on 19 carries and one reception for 16 yards, Mixon still underwhelmed in a prime spot against the putrid Arizona defense. Having yet to find the endzone this year, contending teams are growing impatient. Now is the time to strike. Let’s not forget that going into the season, Mixon was an early second round start up pick with ease. To boot, despite being drafted 48th overall in the 2017 NFL draft due to off the field concerns, experts routinely had Mixon rated as talented or better than the draft’s other stud running backs such as Dalvin Cook or Fournette. Mixon isn’t the problem; it’s this putrid Bengals offensive line. Going into week five, Pro Football Focus rated the Bengals offensive line as the third worst in the league. Things probably won’t get much better this year, but in dynasty we play the long game. At only 23 years old, (won’t be 24 until July 2020) Mixon has plenty of tread on the tires to sit on your rebuilding fantasy squad. In one league that I am in, Mixon was purchased for a 2021 first. That’s criminal, and I doubt many owners will sell for that, but it’s a starting point. More likely, sending an aging vet to a contending team may be the more realistic move. If rebuilding, sending Ingram and a second might do the trick, or perhaps Bell (27 with lots of tread on the tires) for Mixon straight up. Either way, find a way to gnab this stud that surely has better days ahead of him.
  • Mike Evans. One. More. Chance. While Godwin continues to be great in his own right, here comes one more chance to buy low on the stud that has had five straight 1,000 yard seasons in prior years, and he only turned 26 in August. Panicky owners will once again look at the box score and see Godwin with another huge game, while Evans goose-egged against the Saints after facing stud corner Marshon Lattimore. Recognize, of course, that some owners are not as near-sighted as others, and they may still be holding Evans after the prior two weeks of excellent production. However, if you can find an owner that still wants to get rid of Evans, pounce on the opportunity. If contending, try sending a 2020 first and 2021 first to a non-contending team.