Top 10 Dynasty Running Backs

Who are the elite of the elite? Who are the top 10 Dynasty RBs you want to own?

Tier 1
1) Saquon Barkley (22.5)- It’s a natural ranking, and not much analysis is needed. If you had CMC at #1, it wouldn’t be controversial, but give me the 6’0 230 prototypical running back that is one year younger by a hair. As Saquon continues to emerge healthy from his
early-season ankle injury, we will quickly be reminded why he is the #1 dynasty asset to own.

2) Christian McCaffrey (23.5)- Starting off the season amongst the tier 2 pack of Kamara and Elliott, CMC has taken his game to another level this year and is now in tier one along with Saquon. CMC has continued to train vigorously in the offseason, and he is the centerpiece of this Carolina offense. What’s more, he is basically on the field every snap. Still at the ripe age of 23, and also the type of running back with a lot of longevity considering his receiving skills, it is hard to argue CMC as just the number two overall running back in dynasty.

Tier 2
3) Alvin Kamara (24)- Kamara has shown elite usage throughout his now three years in the league. At 5’10 215, Kamra wins with elite balance, vision, and receiving skills- a talent he exceeded expectations in at Tennessee. With Ingram now in Baltimore, Kamara should continue to see even more work, as Latavius Murray is no Mark Ingram. Kamara gets the slight edge over Zeke due to his lack of off the field incidents along with his ridiculous efficiency when he touches the ball.

4) Ezekiel Elliott (24)- Rounding out “the big four” is Zeke. A prototypical running back at 6’0 228, Zeke continues to be hyper-productive this year on the ground as well as through the air. Signing a six-year, 90 million dollar contract a couple of months ago essentially locks him in with the elite Cowboy’s offensive line for the rest of Zeke’s career. The difference between Kamara and Elliott is close, as both are locked into elite situations moving forward.

Tier 3
5) Dalvin Cook (24)- This year’s fast riser, Dalvin has been absolutely ridiculous this season, amassing 26.0, 28.1, 24.3, 19, 25.8, 13.4, and 27.9 PPR fantasy points thus far this season. Behind an offensive line revamped behind zone run scheme guru Gary Kubiak, Dalvin should continue to dominate this year and has the potential to finish the season as the number one fantasy running back. What’s holding him back from the next tier? Dalvin’s injury history along with rookie Alexander Mattison showing his ability to be a plug and play should Cook goes down tempers the overall outlook by just a smidge. That being said, at only 24 years old, Cook should be hanging around the top ten dynasty running back list for years to come.

6) Nick Chubb (23.5)- The second-year man out of Georgia has been a force this season and is currently the number six overall scoring RB in PPR leagues. Chubb’s talent was unquestioned coming out of Georgia but was lost in the shadows with Barkley and Guice the headliners at the position. As he showed the same type of dominance once handed the starting gig last year, this 2019 campaign is no fluke. Three things we look for in a potential elite runner: Talent, opportunity, and situation. Chubb’s elite levels of talent and opportunity can overshadow the difficult situation he is in with Cleveland currently, as their offensive line is in shambles.

7) Leonard Fournette (24.5)- After a sophomore slump that had Fournette labeled as a plodding bust, Fournette has come on strong this season with consistent after consistent game. Attributing to a lot of his return to lauded status was his offseason regimen, as he lost nearly 20 pounds (it is generally a good sign when a runner loses weight in the off season, and it should generally be a cause for concern when a runner is “bulking up” or adding weight in the offseason). Second in the league in rushing yards at 715, Leonard has bolstered his production even more with a respectable 28 receptions, thus elevating this fading dynasty stock and stabilizing it accordingly.

Tier 4

8) Leveon Bell (27.5)- The leader of the “tier four” runners, Bell brings elite vision, usage, and receiving skills to the mix for the Jets. The oldest player on our rankings, owners should treat owning Bell with sensitivity; if you are rebuilding, Bell is a potentially volatile potato that needs to be shopped. If you are contending, continue to ride the fresh Bell for a couple of more years, as the Jets will continue to feed Bell as Darnold continues to grow and mature.

9) Joshua Jacobs (21.5)- The youngest player and only rookie in our top ten rankings, Jacobs has solid talent along with high draft capital and great opportunity. As you will hear us frequently mention at Dynastyguys, a running back drafted in the first round will get every opportunity to be a workhorse for their team. Jacobs is living that dream as we speak. A bit surprisingly, the Raiders have yet to fully utilize one of Jacob’s best strengths: his receiving ability. At only 21.5, although he is not the most talented runner in this grouping, his youth affords him a long runway, which is one of the things we want on a dynasty roster.

10) Todd Gurley (25)- Still trusting the talent, but as was predicted in the preseason, Gurley’s workload will be managed in an effort to keep him healthy. If you’re a dynasty owner, you should be jumping for joy at the management, as this means Gurley’s career outlook should be extended. He is still scoring touchdowns and is showing prowess in the passing game. As the need for the Rams to win games increases later into the season, he may see more usage, coinciding nicely with fantasy football playoff crunch time. As a high end RB2 with upside, Gurley is a safe option, but he is not the high-end rb1 he once was in 2017 and 2018.

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