Top 10 Dynasty WRs

Who are the top 10 WRs in Dynasty? Here is the breakdown. A few players on this list may surprise you…

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* Tier 1*

1) DeAndre Hopkins (27.5)– Hopkins is an easy rank on this list, whereas the rest of our top ten dynasty receivers are tougher to pinpoint. Hopkins is an extremely safe, consistent asset across the board. In 2018 he scored 307.5 PPR points, good for 4th best amongst receivers. In 2017, he scored 309.8. There are no words to describe how majestic Nuk is with running routes and catching anything thrown at him. Only 27, Hopkins still has plenty of tread left on the tires. Coupled with Watson at QB, Hopkins offers a dynamic combination of talent, situation, age, and opportunity.

2) Amari Cooper (25.5)– Cooper checks in second on our list and is a break with mainstream dynasty minds over Adams or Michael Thomas. The consensus 1.2 rookie pick in 2015, Cooper was up and down in 15′, 16′, and 17′. However, since being traded to the Cowboys in 2018, Cooper has been a dominant force in the league. Currently he is on pace for 84 receptions, 1402 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns for 2019. Cooper has shown his elite ability as a playmaker. Further, at being only 25 years of age and “stuck” with an ascending Dak Prescott for years to come assuming Cooper signs an extension of his own, Cooper offers long-term dynasty value with little to no risk.

3) DaVante Adams (26.5)– Adams is locked into a premium situation with Rodgers for years to come. Though this season has been a slow start due to injury, I would expect a bounce back to the norm as Adams acclimates himself into the explosive Packer offense. Let us not forget that Adams finished first in PPR fantasy points for wide receivers with 329.6 points in 2018. If anything, now is the time to check your league to see if Adams is available for a discount.

4) Michael Thomas (26.5)– Currently the highest scoring wide receiver through nine weeks, Thomas checks in at #4. Thomas wins with elite route-running skills and tremendous hands. Thomas has been consistent since his inception into the league and was rewarded with a contract this offseason. Situationally, losing Brees would slightly hurt Thomas’s stock, though he obviously showed playmaking ability with Bridgewater earlier this season when Brees was on the mend. Quibbling over where precisely to rank Thomas is an argument that many can partake in, but he is undoubtedly a tier 1 receiver.

* Tier 2*

5) JuJu Smith-Schuster (23)– Here are some statistics to remind you just how prolific this young receiver has been with only 2.5 seasons under his belt and still somehow only 23 years of age (turns 23 on November 22nd). Juju is the youngest player in NFL history to compile 1,000 career receiving yards. He’s also the youngest player in NFL history to amass 2,500 career receiving yards, surpassing Randy Moss in the process. Juju has been simply prolific, but his stock has slightly fallen this year due to Ben Roethlisberger’s injury. This is a potential buying opportunity as JuJu was being drafted ahead of even Adams and Thomas in start up drafts this summer. Expect JuJu to continue to experience some growing pains as the season continues with subpar quarterbacking play, but make no mistake: JuJu will remain in the top ten of dynasty receivers for years to come.

6) Mike Evans (26)– Much maligned this year due to the emergence of Chris Godwin, Evans has gone alpha the past few weeks and reminded us all of just how talented he truly is. Let’s not forget that Evans has surpassed 1000 yards receiving during each of his first five seasons in the NFL, a feat only equaled by Randy Moss and AJ Green. That’s an elite company to be a part of, and Evans already has 842 yards in 2019 alone, with eight more games to be played. Evans is a model of consistency. His ranking is held back by the legitimate emergence of Godwin; a player who is talented in his own right. Nevertheless, both of these receivers can flourish, though Evans looks to continue to be the alpha in this offense for years to come, no matter who is under center.

7) Odell Beckham Jr (27)– One of the more disappointing storylines of the year, Odell’s transfer to the Browns was supposed to be a boost to an already magnificent resume. Unfortunately, Mayfield and the Browns coaching staff have been unable to unleash the uber-talented Beckham. Make no mistake, Beckham is as talented as ever; this lull is not his fault and he has looked explosive on the field when he is able to get the ball into his hands. Currently the 25th highest scoring receiver, this is an opportune time to buy the receiver who has been perpetually ranked as a top one or two dynasty receiver for many years.

8) Tyreek Hill (25.5)– The receiver with easily the highest ceiling in the league, Hill checks in at number eight on our list of top dynasty wide receivers. Talented and locked into an offense with the best quarterback in the league, Hill could certainly be ranked higher if it were not for his off the field problems. This spring, Hill was barely worth a second-round rookie pick. In some leagues, he wasn’t even worth a third. While cleared of any wrongdoing for the time being, it may only be a matter of time before he wades into troubled waters again. Enjoy the incredible fantasy production, but if you are able to pivot to another perceived “lesser” value in the market such as a JuJu, pull the trigger accordingly.

Tier 3

9) D.J. Moore (22.5)– The youngest receiver on this list, Moore has shown a lot of promise in only 1.5 seasons in the NFL. In 2018, Moore produced a respectable though unspectacular 51-707-2 line. This year, Moore is on pace for 90-1128-2 line. With touchdowns being relatively fluky, it is also safe to say that Moore is due for some positive touchdown regression in the future. A prolific college producer, setting his school record for receptions in a single season in 2017 for example, Moore has continued to show promise in the NFL. For a team that is attempting to rebuild, acquiring Moore is an absolute prudent move, especially because the market is not as high on him as they should be.

10) Chris Godwin (23.5)– Godwin has been a lightning rod for dynasty footballers to debate about throughout this season. The answer: it is possible for two wide receivers on the same team to be WR1s. Drafted by the Bucs in 2017 at 3.20, Godwin was quiet his rookie year before beginning to break out in 2018, including a 6-114-2 game in week 17. This year Godwin has been an absolute force and is currently the 5th highest scoring fantasy receiver in the league. He remains a lower-tier asset due to some volatility with Evans still in Tampa, and the simple fact that he is the 1B to Evan’s 1A. In a couple of years, those roles could certainly be reversed.

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