Top 10 Dynasty QBs

QBs are the base foundation for Dynasty teams in Superflex leagues. Are yours on the top 10?

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1) Patrick Mahomes (24)- Not much to be said here. Mahomes is in a tier by himself with his categorically elite passing ability. He threw for 50 touchdowns in 2018, and although 2019 has certainly been a natural regression, he’s still top 5 amongst qbs in average points per game. Add in the elite weapons he is surrounded by along with his young age, and there really is nothing to see here. Everyone knows Mahomes is a cut above. He’s a top-tier dynasty asset for the next 12-15 years. In 2020 superflex drafts, he deserves serious consideration to be 1.1. 

2) Deshaun Watson (24)- Watson scored 331 fantasy points in 2018, and he is on pace for 356 fantasy points in 2019. Watson has shown elite ability to pass the ball as well as to stabilize his fantasy floor with rushing upside when needed. Like Mahomes, Watson is surrounded by elite talent with Hopkins and speedster Will Fuller. Unlike Mahomes, Watson hasn’t had an absurd 417.4 fantasy season to his name. That’s truly a small gripe in an otherwise highly impressive career thus far for the Clemson product.

3) Lamar Jackson (22.5)- There is certainly an argument to have Jackson higher. There is also an argument that Jackson still has room to develop as a passer, along with some trepidation as to whether he can hold up during this never before seen stretch from a “rushing qb.” That’s the risk baked in, and it would have me feeling cautious about acquiring Jackson for the sky high prices one would need to pay to acquire him. That being said, the upside is tantalizing. He’s on pace for 438.5 fantasy points this season, a mark that is absolutely insane; Ladainian Tomlinson is the only one who would be close in recent memory aside form Mahomes, with 425 in 2006. What’s there to say? If Jackson does this year after year, then he is easily the best qb in the league and will win your team multiple championships. However, with such a small sample size and risk of injury, Jackson sits at #3 on our list of top dynasty qbs.

4) Russell Wilson (31)- Some will gripe that Wilson is too old at 31 to be considered a top dynasty quarterback asset. Age is certainly a factor when making dynasty rankings, but Wilson’s consistency outweighs his age at this point in the dynasty game. Surrounded by nothing resembling an alpha receiver for his entire career (sorry Baldwin, and Lockett is pretty good but certainly isn’t a top tier NFL wr) Wilson has consistently produced year after year. He’s on pace for 364 points in 2019 which would be good for the second highest qb scorer. In 2018, Wilson scored 300 fantasy points for 9th best amongst qbs. In 2017, Wilson had 347 fantasy points which was good for the best fantasy scoring qb in the league. These days at quarterback, 31 means a qb is still in their prime. I’d expect at least five more years of solid, safe production from Wilson, making him tasty to acquire in all formats, perhaps at a lower cost because he is “older.” When the sample size is this big, give me the consistency over the uncertainty. 

5) Kyler Murray (22)- Kyler Murray was usually going at 1.1 in superflex rookie drafts this summer. He has proven he was worthy of the cost. The diminutive qb is averaging 19.5 points per game this year. His 14-6 touchdown to interception ratio this season through 13 weeks showcases his elite accuracy that he was lauded for coming out of college. His 446 rushing yards have buoyed his fantasy floor. He’s done all of this with minimal offensive line assistance and in only his very first year in the league. As an elite passer who has the fantasy upside to rush the ball too, Murray’s arrow is set upwards, and his young age only provides opportunities for him to be insulted in the dynasty marketplace should you decide to move on at some point. 

6) Carson Wentz (26)- Wentz has had an unspectacular year with only the 11th most fantasy points amongst QBs through week 13 with 198.4. However, the Eagles have been hit with deep injuries to their entire receiving core throughout this year, primarily losing lid-lifter Jackson to an abdomen injury. The lack of speed has condensed the field as the Eagles have been forced to run an offense with two tight ends. Granted, Ertz and Goedert are an elite combo, but the entire Eagle’s passing attack has suffered this year due to the lack of speed. Wentz is still a stud to believe in, and his sample size is credible. His elite 2017 season saw Wentz throw for 33 touchdowns and only 7 interceptions in only 13 games played. A lot of naysayers will point to Wentz’s torn acl that season as the reason he has not reached the fantasy heights he had reached in 2017. Wentz did not even have a rushing touchdown in 2017, and primarily did his damage through the air, though he did have 299 yards rushing before tearing his ACL. Wentz has all of the traits of an elite passer and is a stable asset at only 26. This season has been difficult for Wentz due to his surrounding cast, but he has still managed to field respectable numbers. Better days are ahead for Wentz, and he is a solid buy low asset if available.

7) Dak Prescott (26.5)- Dak has continued to improve year after year. He is currently fantasy’s number 3 scoring quarterback. The addition of Amari Cooper has evened out Dak’s floor. Dak’s ability to rush the ball continues to be an asset for him along with his solid ability to pass. Dak has 23 touchdowns through 13 weeks of the season, already tying his career best he set in 2016. This year is easily a career year for him as he is averaging 21.8 fantasy points per game, compared to a previous 17.9 points per game in 2016 and 2018. Dak is consistent and is here to stay. So, what’s keeping where he is and not a few spots higher? For one, Dak’s sample size of being elite is too small. It has been nice having Dak this year, and he has finished 10th, 11th, and 6th the last 3 years at QB. Dak has shown some accuracy issues, throwing 11 interceptions already this season and 13 in 2017. All of this is to say that Dak still has more room to grow and may not be the safest dynasty qb to own. Let’s not forget he was a 4th round NFL pick in 2016 who was probably a 3rd round rookie pick in superflex leagues back in 2016. That’s a nice profit margin. Continue to hold Dak as a solid QB with some questions as the sample size grows.

8) Aaron Rodgers (37)- The oldest quarterback on our list, Rodgers just turned 37 in early December. As everyone knows, Qbs can certainly be viable at advanced ages, especially ones like Rodgers who have been prolific in their late 20’s and early to mid thirties. Through week 13, Rodgers has thrown 22 touchdowns and only 2 interceptions. He’s continued to show viability and consistency. I like Rodgers as a player that can be potentially had on the low in 2020 start up drafts. With his advanced age, many owners will shy away from Rodgers. Nevertheless, Rodgers looks to have 2-3 solid more years left on him, and perhaps he will have more given his highly competitive nature.

9) Josh Allen (23.5)- Josh Allen is a better fantasy quarterback than real life quarterback, and that’s okay. Though his accuracy is sometimes questioned, his arm strength and ability to make plays on the ground cannot. Averaging over seven rushing attempts and almost 40 rushing yards per game in 2019, Josh Allen provides a solid floor with extreme upside when he finds the endzone. He’s averaging just over 20 fantasy points per game, which is good for QB 7 overall through 13 weeks. A few things are holding Allen back from being a top-5 dynasty quarterback asset. When looking for a quarterback to place on your superflex team, you want a qb that consistently delivers through the air. Allen’s 2,591 yards thus far this year are only 17th best amongst qbs (which yes, is a few yards more than Lamar Jackson, though Jackson is a different dynamic beast all together), and his 16-8 touchdown to interception ratio isn’t anything to write home to mom about. Buffalo adding an elite wr from the draft in 2020 and Allen continuing to show growth through the air would certainly help stabilize or increase Allen’s stock, but for now he is a solid asset with a potential for future volatility.

10) Baker Mayfield (24.5)- Baker was going fourth in dynasty start up drafts this summer behind Mahomes, Watson and Luck. Now, you may not even see him in a top-ten dynasty list. The time to buy may have been a few weeks ago before Baker strung together some solid starts for 21.8 and 23.6 fantasy points. Nevertheless, with an injury sustained to his hand this past week, another window may be opening, especially if Baker is on a contender’s team. Check your leagues. This is the same Baker who broke Peyton Manning and Russel Wilson’s rookie season touchdown records, with 27 last year. It’s the same Baker that was drafted 1.1 on the NFL in 2018. The leash is long. The Brown’s hiring an actual professional, competitive coach who can nurture Baker, instead of a joke of a coach that wears a shirt that says “Pittsburgh Started It,” along with some offensive line upgrades in 2020 should only serve to continue to stabilize Mayfield’s stock. Buy now. Profit later.

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