2019 End of Season Stashes

As the year winds down, it’s important to remember that dynasty never sleeps and that it is a 24/7 365 day operation. “All day, everyday,” as the podcast points out. To this point, every team is knocked out of the playoffs save two at this point. Now is the time to amass some deep roster stashes while other league members have checked out after being eliminated. 

For this article, we are looking at leagues with 25-30+ roster spots as a reference point. The odds that these players become viable are low, but one mark of an elite dynasty owner is the perpetual churning of end of roster spots, searching for the next diamond.

1) Teddy Bridgewater. This is a 1QB special as in superflex leagues Bridgewater should be rostered. Bridgewater went 5-0 in the five games he started this year, posting a 9-2 touchdown to interception ratio. Teddy is primed for a change of scenery or perhaps taking the reigns if Brees decides to retire. He is an easy end of roster bench stash. If he is somehow a free agent in superflex leagues with 25+ roster spots, I would snatch him up as quickly as possible.

2) Blake Bortles. Yes, Blake Bortles. This is a superflex consideration only; do not waste your time in start one QB leagues. Bortles will be a 2020 free agent, and with his past starting pedigree, he may find himself signing with a team, competing for a starting role. This is, of course, the time where you would turn around and attempt to sell Bortles, perhaps for a 2021 third or upgrading from a 2021 fourth to a 2021 third. Owners in 12 team superflex leagues will comprehend the Blake Bortles end of bench stash fairly well.

3) Will Grier. Forgotten admist the Cam Newton saga and the Kyle Allen experiment is the Panther’s 2019 third round selection Will Grier (100th overall). Grier finished fourth in the 2018 Heisman race and posted a 37-8 TD to Int ratio at West Virginia in 2018. On the off chance Grier isn’t rostered in one of your 25 roster spot superflex leagues, he is worth a stash. Newton may be gone next year, and Kyle Allen is clearly not the answer.

4) Darrel Williams. Currently on IR, Williams has innate upside if only due to the fact that he is on the Chiefs. McCoy will be a free agent next year and hasn’t looked very special in 2019 as it is. Is it possible the Chiefs draft an elite running back in 2020? Certainly. However, should the Chiefs decide to run it back with some form of the Williams brothers, Darrel will have an opportunity to be productive.

5) Mike Boone. It’s probably too late to call him a “deep stash,” and your leaguemates will surely be spending their final dollars on him if they are paying attention. That being said, Boone is a quality talent, and he showed as much last week against the Chargers to the tune of 56 rushing yards and two touchdowns. The UDFA is smaller in size at 5-10 206, but has shown his talent both last week as well as in the preseason. Stash him with the hope of continued production to finish out the year, along with a chance for more opportunities in 2020.

6) Boston Scott. Boston has shown upside in limited action, and he moves like Sproles. Scott could find a home as a decent third down option, though he will most likely never become a starter in the NFL level due to his size. This is a PPR option only; non-PPR owners can disregard unless your bench is 35+.

7) Olabisi Johnson. Olabisi is a true deep stash. The upside with him is the potential to be the number three WR for the Vikings in 2020, with the opportunity to fill in should or when Thielen or Diggs become injured. Granted, Johnson’s best game while Thielen was out was a 4-40-1 line, but nevertheless, Bisi’ could provide fair depth for your squad in deeper leagues.

8) Drew Sample. The odds of Sample hitting are very low, but the Bengals did spend a second round pick on him. Draft Capital equals a long leash, so Sample should be given the opportunity to win the starting job. If forced to choose between Sample or Oliver, I would chooise Oliver as he has more upside and athletesism.

9) Blake Jarwin. He has shown flashes this year. It’s also only his third year in the league, and we all know that tighends usually take time to develop. Witten is always on the cusp of retiring. Grab Jarwin in hopes of Witten leaving in 2020.

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