Episode 001 – So it Begins

Episode 001 – So it Begins
2019 Season

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And here we are with the very first podcast for the dynasty guys my name is Brent Wassell here with my co-host John Gross. We really love dynasty football so we thought it’d be a fun idea to put together this podcast and start kind of chatting about things I’ve been playing dynasty for three years I got into it because of John yeah absolutely and I have been playing dynasty football for since 2012 so that make it seven years started with only a couple of leagues with some buddies now built out currently I’m in nine dynasty leagues and that number continues to grow and it shall continue to grow

yeah well I’ve kind of learned that once you start it kind of becomes a pretty addictive habit but it’s a lot of fun I think that the rewards you get the more time you put into your research the more leagues you’re in the payoffs are greater absolutely man oh I love this game I played low-level d3 college football played high school football and really when I got done playing college football it’s like I just wanted to continue to do something keep my hands dirty with a fantasy football and dynasty it just adds another level

when I looked on the spectrum of gambling going off a little off topic here but just one of my core concepts I like to loot too and I look at the spectrum of gambling on one end of the spectrum you have slots which is just pure gambling right and then on the other end of the spectrum you have like poker which you see guys with a lot of strategy there’s still some luck involved right and fantasy football is kind of a little bit closer to slots but when we start talking about a dynasty football that’s where you can really get an edge and that’s where I find my one of the Ring things that really draws me to it is you can get a competitive edge by just being consistently making better and better decisions day after day

yeah and that’s another thing that just really draws me to it and why I love playing dynasty football absolutely I’ll drop that a bit one of the things I love about dynasty is I kind of look at it almost like the stock market in terms of players have different values throughout the year player value will be at its all-time high and you have to decide do I sell this stock wall the assets high and then try to buy other things or when do you go all in burst kind of going for more of a rebuild which we’ll get into but knowing when to buy high and not so low I think is a key thing in dynasty that those small trades I mean you have your big blockbuster trades but the small trades can really make a big difference to in the long term yeah man you got to keep building that portfolio yeah

yeah so John and I go way back we’ve been friends for 20-plus years we’re here in Minnesota diehard Vikings fans and sitting in John’s basement right now surrounded by all kinds of Vikings accoutrement we got paraphernalia 3d poster on the wall we got us Bank Stadium good to go purple people eaters you got Karl eller jim marshall alan page and the lesser-known gary larson sitting over there so yeah man we’re diehard Vikings games it’s about 10th diehard Viking fans it’s about 10:30 right now like needless to say we are waiting with bated breath for the 12 o’clock kickoff yes so today is actually Sunday September 8th we’re recording this right before the main games all start
one other thing that we’ve seen the basement here is a Minneapolis miracle John you were at that game yeah man I was at that game it was absolutely insane I had a I got a picture of Stefon Diggs with a little blurb on it frame then I also have the little it’s not homer hanky but it’s the towel that they gave everyone that was there that says bring it home and yeah I was there man I remember standing there with my buddy Scott and we were watching the game there was about 10 seconds left it was right before Case Keenum threw the pass and I remember standing up and I remember telling my buddy like dude we need a we need a Hail Mary like pass interference here because we didn’t have any timeouts right so we need like a Hail Mary pass interference says our only chance then obviously everyone knows what happens with that right Diggs caught the pass stays in bow stay in bounds and man the stadium was absolute pandemonium has never seen so many grown man cry grown men cry it was I don’t let my wife hear this but top three moment in my life yes yeah tough for I guess cuz I got two kids now I was I was up north and lützen on a snowboard trip that weekend we were streaming the game and I swear I cried so hard my tears froze when they hit the ground I bought Super Bowl tickets that night yeah my dad yes we did we know how that story went we’ll get into that another time but back onto the podcast here

so let’s chat some some big news and notes there’s been some really really really big things that have happened in the league the looking back last week the the news of Andrew Luck retiring yeah man really surprise to everyone almost as shocking as some of this a B stuff but in the world of social social media and instant gratification there’s a lot of recency bias but the Andrew Luck when I would wager to argue is was just as shocking and just out of nowhere I think the dynasty take on it for me and I kind of hear what your opinion is on it too yeah I think you can make an argument for both sides about him saying retired right he’s a Stanford grad he’s got a book club he’s got all the money in the world like he could do whatever he wants kind of thing and he’s a smart guy doesn’t necessarily need football but I think there’s another argument too with this guy that at some point he’s gonna get that itch again he’s only 29 maybe it’s after he changes it changes a couple of diapers and he realizes I want back in on this once he gets his body right man he’s been playing football his entire life yeah it would not shock or surprise me if he did come back I know that the cults different from other teams like when Calvin Johnson retired early and they didn’t give him all of his money yeah the the Colts gave Andrew Luck the rest of his money did that I don’t know if that maybe he’s a good gesture from them saying hey like if you do come back we got your back but my personal opinion I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes back what about you interesting he’s 29 years old he’ll be 30 on September 12th just a few days from now yo yeah football’s been a part of who he is but when I first heard the news that he was retiring I was like no way like you don’t be that high that much of a competitive athlete at that level and have a team that a lot of people said is Super Bowl ready team on things like a legit contender and then just retire like that I mean so I get that he has that hitch and you see that it could come back but I watched the whole interview of him the long interview and he talked about everything about how his body was broken down and he was just like constantly in pain year after year and how he had talked to his wife his family his friends his coaches and like he just wasn’t happy like money I guess it doesn’t give you happiness and maybe he would rather take the family route than the potential Super Bowl so what’s your dynasty action plan in a 1 quarterback as well as Superflex League for Andrew Luck one quarterback League I mean if Andrew Luck if you’re in a one quarterback dynasty League I mean if you have a roster spot maybe keep him I don’t think he’s worth keeping on your roster at all versed maybe we’ll see what he can do I actually do think the Brissette is gonna surprise people because looking back at when he played for the year when Andrew Luck was injured he was kind of thrown into that and the Colts are a totally different team now than they were at that time yeah their offensive line is bolstered with Quentin Nelson he’s an absolute beast amongst others and then with that they’ve been preparing like through the preseason with a per set plan so I think there could be a more efficiency on that offense yep what about a super flex League what’s your what’s your action plan with Andrew Luck and a super flex League on your roster you keeping them you’re dropping them what are you trying to do are you selling if you are sawing how much I saw on four I don’t think anybody is really buying so I don’t think you’re gonna get anything more than like a late draft pick on it so I don’t think selling it makes any sense depending on the league she would hold yeah yeah depending on the league if you have the roster spots I mean hold you’re gonna have to hold for this year probably next year I mean is it really worth keeping a roster spot for two or three years for somebody that in all likelihood isn’t coming back in a one quarterback league you absolutely drop over unless it’s especially unless it’s like 40 roster spots then you’re potentially holding on just because of that upside he has but you know in any other situation you’re dropping Andrew Luck and one quarterback league it’s a one quarterback Li Superflex I’m holding if I could sell for a second which you’re right probably no one’s buying for I’m probably selling them but would you take it third for them and a super flex League someone offers you 2022 stock probably probably not because the upside of him coming back is worth more than I think any thirds ever gonna give me and if you have Andrew Luck you’ve obviously invested a lot to get him yeah it’s kind of one of those things you either sink or swim or go down with the ship so it’s kind of like the Josh Gordon thing all the owners that have held him year after year after year lots of all told you they’re yeah well suck what Andrew R

Antonio Brown here man this is your boy I know now you won’t you’re in for dynasty leagues and growing correct yes and you got a share in one of our big leagues 150 czar league with big jackpot from winning it back-to-back years which Empire I did yeah I did do that last year but that’s another story yes what’s going on man you know I’ve I brought this up before we were gonna do this podcast and it was like I had I had all my thoughts on it it was Saturday and then he gets released and then he comes back and now he’s with the Patriots like walk us through that rollercoaster of emotion so I had a big blockbuster trade last year I went all in contending team God Antonio Brown God Travis Kelce sold the farm to get it went all in got second place lost to you in fact which of course you know so I’ve had antonio brown and then everything happened with the Steelers and he was gone and then when he originally went to the Raiders I was actually really really excited a lot of people were down on that but looking into the Derek Carr stats and what he has and what he’s done all time in the NFL with kind of the deep completion accuracy

I was pretty big on Antonio Brown I thought he was gonna surprise a lot of people and still be a legit top five wide receiver in Oakland so now it’s coming back all the drama stuff happens I mean the guy clearly has some stuff going on in his head I mean remember when he was on the voice that the masked singer show somebody was singing and they take off their masks and it’s the Antonio Brown like who does that so he’s clearly got some stuff in the head and then everything happens and then there’s the the foot the the cold feet everything the altercation with the which is what were you feeling on Friday after he had just given the apology and it sounded like through the news sources he was gonna sit up on Monday how are you doing yeah yeah so right before that it’s like he’s not gonna play on Monday it’s like that sucks and then like the apology and everything happens it’s like okay he’s being the big man he’s working with the captains of the team he’s you know admitting whatever wrongs he may or may not have done type of thing he’s he’s there he’s gonna play and so it’s like he he’s not playing he suspended – he’s playing it’s like this is amazing like I’ve wanted him to play with the Raiders and so how are you feeling on Saturday morning when you woke up to the hivemind text from a couple of our other buddies and God well right before that I went to sleep Friday night Ming of sugarplums

Oh almost Antonio Brown that night had released this really weird video with him and it was a recording with him and Gruden talking about things they go back and forth and Gruden’s like just play football man like come on stop this knock it out and Antonio Brown he’s like this is my life and then it kind of ends it’s like one high quality man it was definitely uh yeah yeah it’s paying people some money to make it nice and then Saturday morning it’s like what is going on and then it’s like he posts release me it’s like how downtrodden were you on Saturday or did hopes that things would be resolved anyways with another team

I’ve tried to buy Antonio Brown in a few leagues actually from people even with all this drama and things happening I still think no matter where he goes he’s going to do amazing he’s too good of a football player and too much of a narcissistic diva to not go out there and prove the haters wrong okay right and then he ends up getting signed at Patriots what are your feelings about that I don’t know if I have a full opinion on that yet I mean it’s kind of crowded they have Edelman there they have Antonio Brown Josh Gordon’s back and he’s playing Tom Brady is obviously a very talented quarterback result so older I mean we’ll have to see what happens on that so right now are you where you have a middle league it’s you have a contending are you selling are you buying well I guess you can’t buy if you’re a cat yes I wouldn’t sell him no way I wouldn’t sell him in the leagues when I’m contending if I’m not contending then yes so you think you you think he’ll be on the Patriots all 16 games this year who knows who knows he could be on three more teams he could retire you can’t predict that stuff with this guy he’s a wild card all right man here’s my advice okay this is gonna be your opportunity to sell one time there was a little window on Friday when he apologized and everything was looking good right but that’s not a lot of time to make this happen he’s on the Patriots he’s gonna play good for a while I’m not buying into any of the talk that he somehow was smart enough or intelligent enough to orchestrate all this and you know was he self sabotaging was he self sabotaging potentially I also don’t buy into that as much as we want to buy knows conspiracy theories about the Patriots somehow being the evil empire which they are and that they were somehow looking behind the scenes to to acquire him which would have been tampering which is a huge huge issue if it was the case I don’t buy that for a second right they got Tom Brady to have a good defense they got Bill Belichick Bill Belichick isn’t gonna just put his legacy at stake by trying to tamper with Antonio Brown when he’s out on the Raiders to try to get him on the team I’m not buying that for one second okay so not for a second man it’s not worth it they said they got Edelman they got Josh Gordon back to Mary’s Thomas I’m not sure how good he’s necessarily gonna be I think he’s slowing down a lot now 31 or 32 so I’m not buying any of that that there’s some elaborate plan by a B he’s on the Patriots they’re taking a shot on him right got nine million guaranteed with 15 if he stays on them entire season yep dude something is off with this guy man I know you saw on Twitter speculate CTE mental health whatever it is I’m not an expert don’t know exactly what it is man but this is and he is narcissistic absolutely if he were not to have these issues and he was gonna ball out dude he could be the number one overall around receiving these are the types of players the small quick speedy guys agile that Tom Brady loves to throw to you in the right he’s and receiver B could place a lot too oh yeah he would be the number one wide receiver so there is so much upset if you could find someone in your league that is willing to take that risk on it’s an absolute self for me man no question no because their contender even if you’re a contender I’m selling what would you sell for I’d like high up an upside receiver with like a twenty twenty first would be nice I don’t think anyone’s gonna pay that and that’s maybe you wait till he blows up in the week too because he’s not gonna be playing on Sunday night here right with his volatility man it is a matter time even this morning he was on Instagram talking about like liking statuses also there’s not does not so you can’t do that Bill Belichick if you if he gets crossed sued he’s gone and they don’t need him the Raiders needed Antonia Brown the Raiders need Antonio Brown right because they have who they have Josh Jacobs and Derek Carr that’s it he’s a no-nonsense type of guy know about they don’t the Patriots do not need Antonio Brown agree to win a Super Bowl they’ve won six without agree the year they had Randy Moss oedema win it so yes that’s my action plan if I had a share of them I’m not buying them ok all right interesting yeah we’ll have to see what happens on that it could go a lot of different ways but so

we’ve had one game this season we saw the Packers Bears game Thursday night what do you think about that game my football seasons back as you know super jacked for today got to see the entire game you know here’s some of the things I noticed that we’ve got some confirmation as I’ve said before true Biscay man I know he was a third overall pick in the 2017 draft that accuracy it hasn’t looked hasn’t looked very sharp the last two years it didn’t look sharp on on Thursday night now granted I think that Packers defense is much improved they got some rookies at corner yeah Savage looking nice there’s an der there as well yes the Packers defense I think is underrated but true Biscay man he was letting him fly it was kind of he’s kind of like rich man rich man’s Blake bortles which i think partly is nicely into for Alan Robinson man Alan Robinson undervalued player that’s just absolutely absolutely be said had seven catches for 102 and he should have had more but interception that your Biscay saw man I saw the replay on it and literally true Biscay it was a shotgun snap got the ball and literally stared at Ellen Robertson for the four or five seconds at the play took place didn’t take his eyes off him the entire time chucked it to him was an easy interception man he’s locked on a Rob and really the rest of that receiving crank very great I mean he got trade Burton there he was injured but he’s not really sure too sure about him and then Gabriel is a speed guy right you know so and you got Anthony Miller SEC second-year player a lot of people are big on Miller and don’t see a lot of people think he’s gonna break out this here instead of next year yeah and but I think it’s gonna be pretty tough with Drew Biscay with that accuracy man but I’m loving that Allen Robinson like I said he flourished with Blake bortles that one year of 2015 could I see a rehash of that absolutely especially if he’s refined his game a little bit yeah another thing that that caught my eye was Montgomery haven’t been too high on him he hath let eclis isn’t that great had an OK production in college but he was you know he only had 16 yards rushing in yeah nice catch too and the Bears I don’t know what they’re doing they’re doing a committee I think they probably need to utilize him more he actually I thought looked okay and I think that might confirm what some people said about just his tape being pretty good he made some people miss broke a couple of tackles I’m not gonna be surprised with the Bears use him some more I’m actually wouldn’t be even mind buying him if it was for the right price I think the people that are big on Montgomery are pretty big on him right you’re not gonna get him for a low price anyways love the Allen Robinson takes agree with true Biscay on the same page for that I was surprised to use Cowan so much I thought and um named ratham named Lincoln the other running back they got from see Mike Davis thank you yeah Mike Davis he had quite a bit of usage in that yeah actually the most touches out of the three Mike Davis stitch for some late-game pass he’s a pass catching back on which Cowan is – I think Owens probably more explosive than Davis is yeah I think as the preseason progresses I wouldn’t be surprised – Davis gets phased out a little bit but yeah I also wouldn’t be surprised if all three of those backs continue to eat away of each other’s production and it really doesn’t become a fantasy football gold mine doesn’t definitely good yeah

well today is the day all the games are starting so we’re gonna we’re gonna run down all the games we’re each going to give kind of one thing that we’re looking forward to from a dynasty perspectively so first up I’ll let you start we have the Rams and the Panthers yeah man so like I said at the beginning of the podcast I’m on nine I’m in nine dynasty leaves currently the number will continue to grow and I got four shares of Todd Gurley and we’ve been through the good times this season I didn’t try to panic sell but I did try to sell him a little bit didn’t get any cells on him I wasn’t selling too low Alfred maybe like a girly for a chub people weren’t having it this was during March when there was a everyone was hitting the panic button about him so I’ve been holding on to him I’m really interested to see how how they use them I think the knee that’s a cumulative progressive thing with the arthritic meme they’re gonna manage his carries but he still I think is gonna have the elite talent they’re just not gonna use them as much so what I’m excited to see dynasty wise is just to see exactly how that plays out my prediction on it Gurley will be an elite talent with a lower floor but I still think have the very high ceiling that we’re accustomed to we’re gonna be looking at the end of the season probably him being a lower-end RB 1 which is fine we can roll with it but that’s that’s what I’m excited about what about you for the Rams I’m excited to see Cooper Cup okay why is that I think the Moscow Mule the man himself I mean you look at different teams that have viable receivers I mean the Rams have Brandon cooks Robert woods Cooper Cup that’s a lot of assets on one team yeah I’m excited to see Cooper Cup come back and kind of rebound from what he was out some games so I think he’s going to be utilized pretty heavy on the Panthers side of thing I believe Greg Olson is playing he’s definitely an older tight end but if you’re in a dynasty league and you’re contending a lot of times tight end is a weak position for a lot of teams that can make the difference between a win and a loss do you think Greg Olson is someone to potentially target as a tight end on a one-year contending yeah man right now I’m in a leaked I did a start-up on I usually do a productive bill that to begin the year and the league actually is only fifty dollars this year and then it’s one hundred after that so it’s even more incentive not to necessarily draft an older team I’d like to start contending year to three but I have won some leagues in the first year just kind of but anyways I ended up drafting Greg Olson but I have the intent of trying to sell him once the majors injuries hit if I’m a contender right now if one of my injuries gets if one of my tight ends gets hurt well person that I’m not buying for more than a third but I’m hoping that I’m gonna be able to sell him for a second at any point during the year if I can get a second for Greg Olson I’m jumping off taken Thomas is in the wings if that means maybe I gotta throw in like a fourth and Greg Olson for that second it’d probably be okay with that sure yeah like it

let’s move on Eagles and Redskins one thing that I am interested in dynasty wise about this game darris guys man guys guys baby yes love the guy tore his ACL in the preseason last year guys beast bowling ball 510 or 511 225 for anaphor for nine at the combine last year not known for his receiving in college at LSU but I think certainly reports have been saying he absolutely can’t kitchen as rushing the ability is is awesome did you see that they’re not gonna have Adrian Peterson play today and correct and apparently the Redskins locker rooms not too happy about that I wouldn’t be happy about that but he doesn’t contribute on special teams and I want to see what guys has had guys has I’m a little surprised that they’re not going to kind of ease him in slowly but it sounds like it throwing him in pretty deep apparently they are they got Wendell Smallwood who was the third running back there who’s a special teams guy and just a numbers game man yeah I’m 53 to 46 on game day so oh yeah yeah absolutely excited for him what about you one thing I’m excited about the Redskins dynasty long term I don’t think they’re gonna do a whole lot in the next this year next year guys has definitely agree with that to see Dewayne Haskins you know and looking at the other receivers that he has know a lot of weapons oh man in Jordan he’s out today so I could see Haskins really struggling this year absolutely this year but moving future years I think that they have some good future I’m most excited I want to see Myles Sanders I want to see what can this guy do a lot of leagues he went 1-1 a lot of leagues he didn’t go on one people had Jacobs over him or Nikhil Harry type of thing there’s a lot of mile Sanders hype I have some shares I really want to see what the guy can do yeah looking back looking over

now next to the Jets bills game one thing I’m really excited about dynasty why Sam darling man the maturation this guy came into the league last year 21 years old he’s 22 and there’s been nothing about good reports during the preseason during training camp offseason now he’s getting help with Le’Veon Bell there yeah it’s just only gonna take the load off of him question the upside on his receiving options Robbie Anderson’s fairly decent Quincey noon one Jameson Crowder’s kind of a PPR maven but I think just overall he’s gonna be the type of player that makes the players around him better really excited to see what he does however he’s got a pretty a matchup that would cause some trepidation against the bills they got a pretty good pass defense yeah I had kind of wanted Antonio Brown to go to the Jets I thought oh yeah a Bebelle reunion would have been amazing he would have been the clear-cut number one I do like Donald I think he’s up-and-coming I’m most excited to see levy on bail the dude set out forever he got his mone he got paid he’s here he should be peppered heavily with targets yo little safety blanket for Sam Darnell oh yeah yep

moving on to Vikings and Falcons man you know what’s that purple hometown kool-aid I’ll be drinking over here oh yeah and it’s Devon cook for me I actually don’t have any Devon cook shares regrettably in dynasty I do have a lot of fan duel team today so I’ll be rooting with you I know you got double cookin you’re my deal yeah we’ve chemists a fan ski and the Kuby ax coming in Gary Kubiak shifting to his own run scheme in Minnesota man I’m just super excited to delve if he could stay healthy he’s the sky’s the limit for him honestly absolutely got the talent Falcons allow the most receptions two running backs oh I know I’m guessing today man he’s gonna blow up I hope he sells that’s what I’m most interested in seeing guy can this guy just stay healthy man let’s go let’s go yeah for this matchup I know I stole your thunder your yes I’m more excited about the devil cook no not really okay but I do want to hot take pot take right now there’s a lot of different things I’ve listened to in different debates Adam Thielen it Stefon Diggs who’s going to score more points in a PPR League this year hmm well if I had to put money on it I’m gonna take Adam Thielen only because Stefon Diggs sometimes has a penchant for having those soft tissue injuries I was held hamstring absolute so if I’m putting money on it sure but I think Diggs got the higher ceiling you drag dynasty I obviously want Diggs / Thielen absolutely yep agree I would I would take these in this here two

dolphins Ravens man is there anything to get excited about on the Dolphins well honestly I’m most excited about the Ravens I’d like to see Lamar Jackson with his progression you know obviously he’s known for being that running running quarterback but he was a beast in college at Louisville I want to see him you know it could be an easy test to against these poor little dolphins but I’d like to see Lamar Jackson kind of get in the passing game I really want to see how that passing game pans out we know they got Mark Andrews there’s who had four touchdowns last year in those apps this beast for Ricky Taylor has no tight ends take forever to mature I’m really interested kind of seeing how Lamar Jackson progresses now to this year so that’s one thing I would be looking at today which is watching the red zone like what’s going on with that Ravens game unfortunately I think we’re just gonna see a lot of running pound the ball it’s gonna be a low-scoring affair Ravens defense takes over we go from there what about you yeah you kind of said it all not a whole lot to get excited for those poor little dolphins on that you think anything on Hollywood Brown C do anything for you I don’t have him in any dynasty leagues I know use the first receiver off the board this year and the draft just the passing game is suspect for me there so I don’t have high hopes for him but he’s got the speed man well see he didn’t he could get some even best ball leagues I don’t mind him sure speaking of speed

let’s move on to the Chiefs Jags I yes excited to see Tyree kill oh yeah tell me about he’s back he just got I forget the exact numbers but he just got paid a couple year contract multi million dollars he’s fast it’s gonna be interesting to see him back the Chiefs are one of the biggest offensive powerhouses in the game not big on Damian Williams never have been a lot of people bought into the hype I saw him going high and drafts where he was available people were taking him when he was on waivers or even Entry Draft leagues he went very very high but not a big fan of him but I think there’s too many weapons with the Potomac bomb as we call Patrick mahomes yeah they’re nasty probably my best trait of the offseason I did this is when Tyreke Hill was at an absolute low there was so much trepidation trepidation floating around in the league about him never playing again and I ended up training Jameis Winston and like the three twelve and a Superflex League for Sam darn ‘old and Tyriq Hill oh wow and probably about a month later he got reinstated now he’s got the Conn the the big contract that he just signed yesterday so big lamb so excited by him but to be honest with you my number one excitement for this game hands down not even close Leonard fournette coming into his third year highly drafted had the tumultuous situation with Coughlin last towards the end of the year where he got sat and some talk about his contract being voided he slimmed down which we’d love to hear that about running backs you don’t hear about running backs gaining weight you wanna hear about slimming down and this game is gonna be a type of game where they’re gonna lean on him a lot I think give me all the Leonard fournette today man and really excited to see what he does we think he’s gonna do great I do have a wreck well Armstead as a handcuff for him yes with the health concerns have got him in a couple leagues you know

tightens Browns the Browns have a lot to get excited for Tumwater well let’s just start with their quarterback Baker Mayfield one of the top dynasty quarterbacks in Superflex I mean the guy’s amazing look what he did last year he has an arrogance about him too so accurate kind of like it and then of course they have obj you know arguably one of the best receivers in the game top three they’re gonna be amazing they have way too many weapons they have Nick Chubb they have cream hunt later in the year coming back don’t forget about David and Joker and joke ooh sitting there too shot Aegon’s at the three Jarvis Landry this is stupid stupid crazy yeah I’m actually more I am interested I think the Browns are gonna roll today and can be questioned I just lost an ESPN that the Browns are oh and thirteen and one in the last like 14 home openers I think they’re gonna get that W today it’s at home and better get that done right now as I see it they’re favored by more than four points but I am excited to see because I think this heightens are gonna start getting are gonna they want to run the ball wouldn’t be surprised if I saw tan I’ll take over Mariota at some point absolutely but I’m I want to see the Corey Davis man he’s a year 3 hype train for me I got a lot of invested meant into em yeah and if they’re gonna have to pass the ball to stay in the game today in my opinion as much as they don’t want to they want to run that ball today happy to close excited see what happens with that

let’s move on to the cults and the Chargers Andrew Luck rest in peace what’s your most exciting dynasty slant you’re looking at today Boston Eckler interesting I’ve got a bunch of hecklers shares Melvin Gordon’s obviously following suit of other running backs he wants his money he wants to get paid are they gonna pay him we don’t know hecklers getting the start I’ve got a lot of hecklers shares I think he’s gonna do fantastic I think he’s gonna prove himself as a legit running back one I think Melvin Gordon is going somewhere else okay and for me that that Chargers offensive line right now is an absolutely in shambles which a lot of my research that I’ve read about this this week we might be looking at some short passing game so I’m be surprised to see some Keenan Allen pickup with pretty big PPR game Mike Williams is what I’m interested in I actually traded away my last Mike Williams share earlier in a dynasty draft this year for AJ Brown it goes a moment a weakness for me it was kind of like a luxury spot and I traded him away just get three years younger because I’m all about hi I’m AJ Brown but that’s for another story um I’m interesting on Mike Williams does today because I know there’s a lot of high train you know you’re on the hype train even language have an employer wide receiver to type year potentially even more with the touchdown up side oh yeah but I’m wondering to see how he does today if that charge is off its line doesn’t give them enough time for him to develop on those routes yeah he’s more of a jump ball guy um we just see how that goes yeah I mean

on to Seahawks bangles man shoot one of the things I guess that I’m excited about was here also Wilson here last year there what was the stat something about like they’re one of the first teams to run the ball more and pass the ball in a very long time yes I’m thinking that’s gonna transition this year to Russell Wilson passing it a little bit more it’s the targets well I can’t deal Argus II lost a damn I’m not a big decaying calf truther but Russell Wilson’s the type of guy that spreads the ball around I guess I wouldn’t be surprised that they continued on because they do got the one two punch Chris Carson and Rashad penny though Chris Carson’s we’re kind of leading the pack right now and Penny sort of an afterthought yeah well I’ll see how that della develops whether it becomes a more I think it’ll still be pretty run heavy but Russell Wilson man so dynamic with the legs you just pass a little bit more he’s gonna be a cube a one two years ago I think he was like the 1 or 2 number QB yeah yeah he’s definitely very mobile for that game I want to see how the Chris Carson Rashad Penney plays out through the year just today see if that gives us any inkling to how it’s gonna look through the year I think Carson is gonna kind of lead the field but I think I hope penny kind of picks up cuz he was huge draft pick for a lot of people I have some shares of them

so bucks a Niners man one thing I’m really excited about well that I want to see I’m a big my Mike Evans truther he said five straight one thousand yard seasons quietly on a Hall of Fame trajectory but I want to see the Chris Godwin hype I don’t have any Chris Godwin shares in part because I got a few Mike Evans chairs and just kind of truth believe in the Mike Evans truth a lot with OJ Howard let me see what this Chris God when hype is all about sure what about you I have a lot of 49ers players invested throughout my dynasties about George kiddo he’s my boy took him super high and started draft this year Jerick McKinnon is obviously out they have Coleman they have Breda it’s gonna be interesting to see kind of how that pans out their receivers they got my boy debo I got Jimmy G throwing to him although he did look really bad in pre-season but it is preseason so I just want to see how the Niners look as a unit together fair enough man yeah

Giants Cowboys are rounding out this late slate here man I’m just thinking Evan Engram is gonna have a huge year when we look at the splits when Odell Beckham is out Ingram flourishes you’re gonna have a situation here where it’s a funnel up between Sterling Shepherd Evan Engram and your man’s sake while Berkeley heavily involved in the passing game Evan Engram is a beast I wouldn’t be surprised if he finishes as a top three tight end and a guy like Earth’s maybe falls outside of that so let’s see what happens the Ingram today I see you yeah apparently you’d expect a Cowboys to be good at defending the tight end with a couple stud linebackers there in jail and Smith and the zach vendor ash but I don’t I’m not sure that they haven’t been able to do that very well last year so yeah and Evan Engram is an athletic beast ran a 4/4 the carbides oh yeah pretty excited to see you both cm ball out I’m excited to see the The Clash of the running backs on one side sukwon barkley on the other side Ezekiel Elliott just got paid it’s gonna be a good battle yeah

man moving on to the lines in the cards shoot man just give me the Kyle Murray I want it this is an obvious one I love Carrie and John is an interesting one that I want to see too but I just want to see the air raid system man let me see what’s going on with Kyle Murray and then my highest own – asset Cristian Kirk you have a lot of character six out of nine maybe Center 709 dynasty League sly welcome to see what happens at this air raid yeah I’ve been huge on carrion Johnson I always have been when he fell to eighth overall in the rookie pick that’s when I made a big trade with you I gave you Julio Jones for your 1/8 and then some and I used that warning to pick up carry on Johnson love carry on Johnson I think he could easily be a top running back this year and then on the other side Kyle Emery

patron Steelers just interesting Antonio Brown will not be playing tonight but it’s Patriots are right now favored by almost six points it looks like let me see what’s going on with the Sony Michelle and how they’re gonna break this down demon here is pretty high on Damien Harris coming out of Alabama and I’m really wondering how he’s gonna pan out there with Sony Michelle Sony Michelle get the the rock but interested to see how Damien here is placed tonight he had a decent preseason so I’m excited about what about you on the steelers side of things they’ve never been a team i believe to ever do running back by committee it’s always not one guy gay lively rock forever always has been they have James Conner and most people think he’s the guy I’m interested to see if they try something new a little bit they don’t have levy on bail they don’t have Antonio Brown obviously they have juju who’s amazing James Conner his health concerns can he stay healthy for the year can he be the guy he was jaylen Samuel step up does Benny snail do anything probably not probably not but

I’m interested to see Texans Saints I want to see how latavius Murray fits into this offense if he’s going to kind of be the same as the Ingram I think we can agree engrams more talented to the tavius Murray they want to keep Alvin Kamara fresh but man he’s elite too I want to see how much they give latavius Murray in this offense and how that sure can be extrapolated to the rest of the season absolutely I’m very very excited for this game Texans Saints I think is going to be one of the best matchups of the week in terms of points scoring just everything seeing the players play let’s see Duke Johnson okay what is he gonna do there is he sneaky underrated in PPR with his catching abilities is he finally gonna have some opportunity to do some things light and loads for other players yeah potentially I was a little downtrodden not on the Lamar Miller injury front but I had some Demario Crockett didn’t make the team yes expecting him he was an athletic marvel for him to maybe make a name for himself but I wouldn’t be surprised if Duke Johnson has a nice season absolutely yeah he’s good value and some redraft leagues this year

final game Broncos Broncos Raiders aside from seeing the Raiders sideshow let me see how Noah Fantas as we said earlier these rookie tight ends just notorious for not doing anything they’re their first year it’s a lot to take honor myself I played tight end in college not to Heil awful again like I said but it is like you got a block you got a run you gotta know a pathway on the run place it’s a lot more than you would think but no a fat man athletic marvel from Iowa whoo man the Broncos offense I mean the guy core the Sutton they got some interesting running back situation with Lindsey and Freeman that’s another topic but miss y’all fan does yeah pretty excited about that yeah on the Raiders I was excited for Antonio Brown but obviously that’s not happening so let’s see Josh Jacobs let’s see what they can do on the Broncos side I got a question for you what’s up Emmanuel Sanders magically is back from the Achilles injury that doesn’t happen but he’s back is he the number one receiver on that team is Courtland Sutton stepping up is it going to be a kind of like a Dave stealin split what do you think could be where Sanders sort of starts the year as the veteran incumbent right but man he tore his Achilles that’s tough to come back from I’d look for Sanders to kind of play him a little more of a slot roll slut and Sutton’s not a slot guy anyways and probably by midseason I could see Sutton taking the lead but then then again for both of those guys you got you a Flacco thrown to you which I’m not too excited about my Mott excited about this Broncos team in general yeah so I would say Sutton by hair sure Sanders will be respectable yeah absolutely I think that’s it for all the matchups so I think branding our first episode

here we’re gonna go through a bold prediction judge and then we’ll kind of sign off how bold do you want me to get me well I would say a bold prediction has to be something where if you were to throw it up on a Twitter poll a large majority would vote against you maybe even like two-thirds would say the other way maybe even 75% would say no way so I’m gonna have a plausibly bold prediction and a bold prediction all right let’s hear it

Delvin cook if he stays healthy finishes the season this is number one running back in the league if he stays healthy for all 16 games he’s the number one running back that bold that that is bold and I’m just a stick without there is Zeke there there yes sir on Berkeley there are a lot of other Aleve anyone that it that is a bold prediction but if you say so I like it a lot to Allah as a Vikings fan

I love that well you got your whole prediction man well it’s not as bold as that I was gonna say Alan Robinson top ten receiver that’s not bold it’s not bold at all it’s like lightly bold yes like a medium roast coffee

how about this for bold Mike Williams out scores Keenan Allen this year okay now that’s both well it’s not like Ian Allen’s 32 or anything he’s 26 or 27 so yeah all right man I’ll take it for you I’m bold enough all right bold enough that’s good well

thanks everyone for listening today to our first inaugural podcast as we kind of go through this and everything will develop more content and things will build out a website will have a lot of content will have a lot of rankings we’ll do some Q&A some some different items like that so got a lot to look forward to all right man all day every day all day go by