Episode 002 – Scary Terry

Episode 002 – Scary Terry
2019 Season

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Welcome we’re back on the second week of the dynasty guys podcast I’m your host Brent Wassel here with my co-host John Gross quick news and notes for you in the world of fantasy football there’s been some minor injuries with Darius guys and Tevin Coleman some more serious injuries we’ll get into with Tyree keel and hunter Henry and of course she also got your a B situation I was kind of getting bored after a couple of days and no news of a B so we’re back to status quo now with the new rape unfortunate rape allegations yes he he might not play its NFL’s trying to make a decision quickly we will see what happens with that but first off I would like to start off with on the air live trade offer and discussions so you can hear how trade negotiations go down we’ll talk about it we might come to a consensus to make a deal we might not yeah Brent did text me before we were about to commence with this podcast about an hour or two ago and said be prepared I am about to offer you a live trade so I do not know what trade this is going to be Brent and I are in one-two-three-four dynasty leagues together and I am ready to hear I have no idea what lead this is this is just gonna be off the cuff but I like the sweat so give it to me baby give us a breakdown first of what the league is and what the point-scoring parameters are yeah so this is a 10 team dynasty of course Peter purflex tightened premium PPR super flex of course meaning you can start a quarterback in the Flex spot tied in premium means one point five points per reception on the tight end so rent in this league I feel that I have a very good contending team I went hard on the initial start up drafted the summer I traded some future capital you did the opposite you gave up a bunch of draft picks to gain future capital correct although you did have a pretty good week one correct I did have a pretty good week one I traded away I ended up recouping from the initial startup draft an extra 20 21st that’s gold and I also have for 20 20 seconds right now and to 20 21 first n I have 2 20 23rd so I’m definitely stocked up for years to come but had a pretty good week 1 and I don’t know where I am right now I’m definitely gonna try to compete if I can but I’m definitely have a younger team so anyways I’m interested to hear what you got for me yeah you actually had the highest potential points meaning the depth of your bench and what happened there was pretty high I’m ready I’m ready and this is live so I’ve already told I told Brent beforehand he sends this straight to me and I if I want it and I accept it on air it’s it’s going down I’m just pulling it up right here so I’m big on going in on contending so what I would like to acquire is the tight end by the name of Mark Andrews as well as the wide receiver by the name of John Ross and for that I am willing to offer you a 2021 first the 2021 third and a 2021 fourth Oh see I I wish that was a 2020 first not a 2021 it is tied in premium so that really makes Mark Andrews a little bit more valuable than what he is if he’s in a non premium league there’s a lot of upside there last year he was probably going in tied in premium leaks like late second John Ross has the big game I’ve been trying to trade him and he’s one of our dynasty focused players were talking about later tonight so I want to get the cart before the horse uh-huh I’m gonna have to decline I will counter out of respect and we’ll just do one counter here unless you’re unless things are heating up okay um trade you John Ross for your twenty twenty second I don’t think I have it no I do have a twenty twenty second for John Ross that’s uh it’s not a bad offer I was more interested in Mark Andrews for that okay what if I gave you a twenty twenty-one first and third for Mark Andrews in a twenty twenty-one second so a first a second and a third for Mark Andrews first in a third for Andrews in a second no that’s that’s even worse so I don’t think that’s gonna be happening tonight I’d rather have Andrews in a second then well it’s right on the borderline I suppose at this point with Ross after one game now apparently he’s worth more than he was before hand before that game he’s probably worth like a late third now all of a sudden I’ve seen some treats him going for a second so is Mark Andrews worth more than a twenty twenty-one first to you it’s right on the borderline again with my team on the cusp if you offered me a twenty twenty first I I would accept for Mark Andrews even in a Titan in premium League the twenty twenty one first it’s tough I would want a little we’re at the classes I would want a little bit of sugar on top of Mark Andrews for a twenty twenty one first and you got a deal you don’t have a twenty twenty first twenty twenty one first yeah and what I’m saying is I I don’t think that that’s something that I’m completely prepared to pull the trigger on tonight all right well

moving on let’s uh we’re gonna go through sorry folks didn’t happen honor trade didn’t happen did not happen we’re gonna do a recap of all of the games we had already gone through the Thursday night game on the last podcast where we had recorded so the first game here to discuss is the Los Angeles Rams against the Carolina Panthers the Rams won thirty 27 in that game what did you think of Malcolm Brown and getting the touchdowns as opposed to Gurley what’s the fantasy impact on that yeah I kind of alluded about this on our previous first podcast inaugural podcast that we had and it looks like it pretty much came out exactly how I said and which is being I’m looking at Gurley this year as a lower and RB one he looked great I believe he had how much was it 97 yards rushing if I’m not correct he did get 97 rushing for receiving to sell 101 from scrimmage right so he looked good I saw some of his runs he’s got speed got the burst but they’re keeping him safe again away from that goal line and trying to limit his touches like I predicted I think most people were thinking it was gonna be Darrell Henderson this year but lo and behold Malcolm Brown who I’ve stashed in a couple of my benches actually took both of the carries uh at the goal line for touchdowns Henderson got a carry as well at the goal line but didn’t make anything of it yeah so you know it’s tough to be a Gurley owner at this point I’m holding if he blows up and has a big game I might be open to selling him if I could get a good price for him but I don’t he’s gonna be I think a lower-end RB 1 I’ve looked over and get more involved in a passing game and he’s got a big game coming up here against the New Orleans Saints absolutely that game could be fire for him as well and could be an opportunity if you’re looking to get out and girly to be able to do so right after that game after two solid outings again 97 years uh what was it 97 or 96 year 97 rushing Florist yards yeah that’s nothing seize that no not at all I think it’s more of a good on Malcolm Brown as opposed to a dig on Gurley I mean 101 scrimmage yards is fantastic had he got two touchdowns he would have been up there how about on the Panthers side Christian McCaffrey obviously dynasty elite top how about Cam Newton though especially from a Superflex late perspective he only put up less than six and a half points yeah I mean I got Cam Newton somewhere around that like five six or seven range as far as a dynasty quarterback last year obviously he had that shoulder issue which really hampered him down the stretch knee was only thrown those short times I think the Rams defense shouldn’t definitely shouldn’t be overlooked that defense is pretty good I’m not putting the pit pushing the panic button and Cam Newton is all at all I think with DJ Warren Curtis Samuel coming up a healthy Greg Olson and then of course we all know about the CMC I’m not pushing the panic button button at all on on Cam Newton should be good to go for the season alright

moving on the next game here Tennessee Titans versus the Cleveland Browns we had hype the Browns up pretty high I think the entire fantasy world that hyped the birds up pretty high it wasn’t hot take know and obviously things are not paying off so two things to highlight here Derrick Henry looked like the real deal what do you have to say about him you know he’s a giant 6-3 247 just absolute beast looked like the real deal he’s catching those screens for the 75-year touchdown a lot of people were talking about all the Titans we’re gonna be very run centric and with the with the way they got out to the lead in the way their defense was playing if that ends up being the case is their if their defense is able to continue to make strides and her Mike Vrabel the head coach I would not be surprised whatsoever if Derrick Henry becomes a bell cow Dion Lewis had minimal usage so really with Henry man I’m liking him as a low-end RB one question the receiving upside but I mean he had taken a 75-yard screen to the house it ain’t bad yeah how about the Browns I mean Mayfield we love him I was just talking about how I think he’s a top 3 quarterback yeah um I actually have him as my number two overall three intercepts for tonight yeah I’m not I’m not pushing the panic button by any means right nerves is it overconfidence I think you got a underestimate the Titans defense I think there could be an element of overconfidence there now we all know he’s an extremely accurate quarterback he’s got the fiery competitive competitiveness to win they get a good rebound opportunity and suggests who they do have a fair defense I’ll get on Monday Night Football this week but I’m absolutely not pushing the panic button I’m Baker Mayfield and if anyone is planet pushing the panic button nut in your leaks and go out there and buy him in a super flexy take advantage of it I like it

next game Kansas City Chiefs against the Jacksonville Jaguars the story there Sammy Watkins almost 200 yards three touchdowns also Tyreke Hill got injured with his injury Sammy Watkins gonna be the clear-cut target there yeah it looks like Tyreke Hill could be out for about six weeks give or take depending on Hall that injury progresses Sammy Watkins man highly drafted started off with the bills has been to the Rams as well for a year and then has made his way over to the Chiefs chronically injured but when he is healthy is an absolute elite talent his work ethic a second to none and in that offense man sky’s the limit I’m liking him I’ve always had a fair opinion off Sammy Watkins as he should be a wide receiver one but when you got Kelsey and Hill there it’s tough to do great in that offense especially with Hill being out I expect nothing but continuing him to be a very very high asset continuing to make big plays this year absolutely yeah was not a fluke if anyone is pushing the panic button on Terry kill good time to buy yeah there’s always that risk involved because of his off-field stuff is it a good time to buy it’s always a good time to pie people are putting pushing the panic button on an injury that it’s not gonna affect the speed it’s not like he tore his ACL or anything like that he’s gonna be back could be help you for that late season push yeah absolutely but my guess is most people are holding pretty tight if they have him they’ve already been through the Volatility throughout the offseason this isn’t going to be anything to change their minds okay for the Jags we’re gonna do a deep dive on the quarterback situation a little bit later let’s briefly touch on for net you had said you were really happy to see him he had 66 yards on the ground four receptions for 28 yards on a fumble yeah and a fumble is the first of his career in the NFL he’s usually ironclad with that ball around vice-grip around his hands yeah everything I saw there’s no no trepidation whatsoever he was a beast on the beast as far as snap-snap shares concern he was on the field almost although every play so I actually have no worry about him he looked good when he had the ball in his hands still has that power but like I said he’s been slimmed down to that 225 is range so absolutely no trepidation whatsoever big disappointment against the Chiefs but they’re gonna get an opportunity to hear now going against Houston with now that men shoes in the fold the rookie quarterback they want to hand it off to for not even more so I have no trepidation with him absolutely love him if he stays healthy this year I still have him as a RB 1 perfect

next game we had talked about the poor little dolphins loud most poor little dolphin seen what was gonna happen to them and we didn’t think it would be as high of a scoring affair but ridiculous numbers all across the board I mean Hollywood Brown Willie Snead got a touchdown didn’t see that coming Ingram on the ground at 107 yards para touchdowns Lamar Jackson 5 touchdowns yeah I was expecting way more of a rushing production with Lamar was really surprised but happy to see his passing abilities didn’t have to pass at that much either I think that Marquis Brown only had like what was at four or five catches but man he made him count four catches 147 yards yeah and to toddies yeah so he looked nice that whole offense I think is going to come back down earth especially when it comes to the passing game but is it gonna be formidable with a potentially formidable defense and we’re gonna have to kind of wait and see on that defense I mean they’re playing the Dolphins but they should still be good yeah I like what I saw I was pleasantly surprised by the Hollywood Brown action yeah Lamar Jackson what was this board he said not bad for a running back yeah not bad yeah awesome

next game hometown pride Vikings we had talked about Dalvin cook you had made your bold prediction last week cook ins up with 21 carries for a hundred eleven yards pair of touchdowns couple receptions Kirk Cousins threw the ball ten times yeah yeah that’s not gonna happen again it’s probably not gonna happen again but it worked the game plan worked it was executed even looking at the interviews with Kirk he said he never had a game so easy with running backs he could trust so much yeah Cooke was on fire like I said last week for those who weren’t listening I got miss my bowl prediction this year if Kelvin Cooke can stay healthy we’re saying because that’s maybe an unfair caveat there but I put it in there he will be the number one overall running back better than Zeke better than Kamara absolutely yeah yeah this the offensive scheme is set for him he’s ready to go how about for the Falcons let’s talk about this from mode specifically from a dynasty perspective we’ve dealt with injuries in the past Devon to Freeman he only had eight carries for 19 yards he had a fumble he didn’t look that great no there was some hype from the offseason that he was living to be looking good and gonna be coming up through the ranks I’m not coming up through the ranks that’s not the right but he was gonna be having a Redemption from forms of yesteryear yeah big comeback he’s not that old I think he’s 27 the the issue with that whole situation he’s split in carries Edith Smith got him got in some action too there yeah I’ve never been too high on Devonta Freeman and it did certainly didn’t look well not granted that was against of the Vikings defense but they’re not gonna be getting any easier against the Philly coming up here on Sunday Night Football yeah the

next game Bills Jets ended up being a very close game love young Belle was back I thought he looked great I’ve acquired him in a few leagues I’m very happy with that I think he’s still gonna be top ten running back this year you agree he played every single snap for the Jets on offense now on a percent snapshot McCaffrey had that as well there’s yeah I can’t so I can’t quote it on McCaffrey but he’s usually really high on snap share there as well I don’t think it was a hundred but I know can I say without a doubt lay beyond had a hundred percent snap share and that’s what I would expect with her a second-year quarterback in Sam darn ‘old give him his little Nikki blanket and Donald so not surprised at all I am surprised a lot of the hot takes were lay beyond running style as a patient 1 and how is he gonna mesh with the whole line that he hasn’t even ran behind before and you kind of put those trepidations to rest absolutely so he’s looking alright how about the fantasy impact forgot to mention Quincy and Ewing whoa I believe he’s out for the rest of the season yeah he had a neck injury two years ago so it ain’t looking good I mean he said he’s a deeper tear stash on your dynasty rosters you’re proud he’s probably not on your roster if your rosters are 20 or 25 but hopefully you’re not playing in a dynasty leave that only has 20 roster spots would you take anything you get for month you got it forth from yes oh yeah oh so easy would you say he’s a ferret caught I dropped him on one of my league’s to pick up a player so okay that player was gardner minshew but that’s another story on the build side of things I don’t recall if I’d actually said in the podcast but we were watching football out of course we were recorded right before the games on Sunday a quick little sidebar you talk about first world problems probably the worst thing that could possibly happen to fantasy football addicts themselves happened on Sunday we’re in the middle of watching the games have my laptop iPad of my phone up 70-inch TV was streaming up redzone going and all of a sudden everything freezes the TV freezes essentially comcast it was about 1:10 late in the second quarter of most games had an out and called our cable provider and there was an outage that was supposed to go for another four hours man we were sweating balls I literally started sweating bullets like a just a visceral reaction to it pulled out my phone had a good enough LTE signal your able to stream some red zone for a little bit and luckily our cable service was back up in about an hour but man it teased a little bit it came in for about five minutes and then it froze again but we made it through anyway that was rough that back on topic here while we have were having a lot of discussions about that I had talked about John Brown I’d actually swapped him in on my lineup right before the game started and I’m very happy that I did I think with his speed and with Josh Allen there I think there’s gonna be a connection I don’t think that was a fluke what do you think oh he is their number one receiver there I guess you got cold Beasley is that’s guy and then there’s Robert Foster and Jones fighting through but yeah john brown’s got the speed I still think it’s kind of uh he’s more of a if you have them and he’s your fourth receiver you’re feeling pretty good at but if he’s like your second or third receiver god forbid first receiver I’d feel and get a bunch of dynasty squad at all yet to see a nice end of the stash fourth fifth receiver to like I’m starting him on my fourth or fifth receiver yeah I can feel good about that that’s the long-term I’m not necessarily sure but yeah it’s good depths – I’m with you there quite a bit more games to get through it’s cruise through these here Eagles Redskins I know we’re gonna do a deep dive onto scary Terry later the Eagles came back they weren’t looking great as far as that game was going let’s talk about Myles Sanders rookie he went very high top three in most rookie drafts okay 11 carries 25 yards two receptions what do you think about Myles Sanders yeah and he was creeping up the rookie drafts as the Ricky drafts were going initially in the year maybe like in in May he was kind of in a mid tier one five one six one seven but continued to creep up yeah he’s gonna get his love I mean they still want to get Sproles in he’s the experienced back he was getting some more snaps than maybe he normally was rolls was and then you got Howard there so it’s gonna be tough for him to really make a huge impact again I think as the year goes progression he’ll continue to show out and I think supplant some of those Jordan Howard carries you know you maybe four again some of those knee-jerk reaction owners out there wait a couple weeks I’m guessing he’s probably not gonna do too much just because of the timeshare there see if you can maybe acquire them sure we’ll talk about the Redskins later we have both guys I’m sure scary Terry on our list Colts Chargers Colts put up 24 points the game went into overtime brisket the Brissette he didn’t look too bad Marlin Mac almost 175 yards and a touchdown yeah really surprised about the Mac Train brisket I just like to call him that because briskets my favorite type of meat my the t y Hilton – touchdown I’m calling that as a fluke I don’t that’s gonna be something that we’re gonna be seeing you know on a consistent basis but I was pleasantly surprised at the Mac train there was a lot of heat on Twitter about after luck retired it’s gonna be Mac that’s a guy that suffers the most but he looked nice he did and that my fence line is a beast so put anybody in there for the Chargers my bold prediction was that Mike Williams is going to outscore Keenan Allen is here currently he’s losing that battle and he might have some knee injuries correct he might be out for we don’t know we’ll find out right yeah tell me about that Eckler man thanks Larry about that I as you know I’m one of the biggest Eckler truther sands I’m a huge Eckler truther my son in the podcast he’s going to do amazing because he is amazing they don’t need Melvin Gordon Austin Eckler three touchdowns 96 yards receiving on six catches and 60 yards on the ground 58 on the ground hecklers a beast he’s the real deal I don’t think they have anything to worry about the running game yackin couldn’t you know I was a little lukewarm on the Eckler train wondering how Justin Jackson’s gonna play out looks like they turned out all right Melvin Gordon gotta be sweating some bullets over there man you know Bengals and the Seahawks Joe Mixon didn’t look too great yards on the ground seven yards receiving 20 most Majors yeah he had the ankle injury which took him out on the second half so Gio Bernard Geodude filled in and did all right well getting deeper into John Ross about the analysis on him a little bit but surprising to see to is it would be a good precursor to it for the raw situation just but yes he hasn’t had one of those big cams in his career yet well chat about that go on the Seahawks side I was really surprised Tyler Lockett head was only targeted two times he had one catch it was for 4 yards what he does an touchdown is weightless that’s what he does I would think he’d be targeted more I think he would be the clear-cut number one Laurie think he came back half he looked nice I’m not gonna lie again I’m pretty I’m pretty low on DK Metcalfe those guys with the high athlete but low production that I’m not a big fan of yeah he looked nice and Wilson was peppering him the other announced I’d put on as Chris Carson looks like he’s breaking away on that running back situation there penny didn’t really get a whole lot of action he was the guy I was trying to buy in the offseason just because when a team spends first rung capital on a running back that’s a type of guy that they’re eventually gonna get in there’s going to play Penny’s gonna get his chances at some point he looked good last season when he was a rookie and in when he was getting his spots I’d be trying to acquire penny if you can a second might be able to get it done you might not feel comfortable about that right now but if I could catch him for a second considering that last year years ago in the first round mid first round of rookie drafts throw it a second see if you can get penny that team Seahawks are continuing to run it yeah I love to run it Penny’s gonna get his shot I would buy a penny for a second I wouldn’t sell them for a second because they have him yeah I like him I agree he will get his shot I think it’s not that he’s not throw second and a third in for some juice for some sugar I think Chris Carson is just too talented okay

next game we have Detroit Lions and the Arizona Cardinals ended in a tie let’s talk let’s talk TJ Hawkinson all right AJ grokken sent apparently EJ wrote a world app loved it yeah what are we we already knew he was a beast the only thing we didn’t know is he was gonna have the one of the greatest rookie tight-end games for a de beautĂ© of all time yeah he was an absolute beast and but no one surprised absolutely I knew he was going to be good in dynasty we talked about taking the best player available always in our draft this year BPA I had the one one and the one six first overall I took Nikhil Harry when it came to me at six I was thinking of a number of different receivers I was going to get because there were so many this year TJ Hawkinson felled me at number six can’t pass it up could not pass it up so I took him I have Dallas got her to have mark Andrews TJ Hawkinson I wanted him I took him last night Cardinals would you say Carly Murray had the the comeback of the week from comparing to what yeah what he was looking like absolute garbage trash for the first three quarters man but he turned it on in the fourth quarter got an overtime started to start flinging that ball man David Johnson’s gonna have a bake here this year top five running back no question in my opinion you know getting up there a little bit long in the tooth for running back years at 27 years old is an interesting case of biased ups of depending if you’re trying to keep on that curve of staying young at running back because when AMEX are so replaceable can you sell David Johnson if you’re a contender I’m not selling because I think he’s just having a beast year and I’m liking what I’m seeing there along with to all the receivers I’m Cristian Kirk at 12 targets man to Christian Kirk’s one of my guys he had 12 targets didn’t make as much out of it as we don’t like to got a two-point conversion I’m expecting to continue to be bigger things but it’s gonna be tough here against Baltimore coming up in week two but just continue to believe man hashtag believe Cowboys Giants what deck looked pretty awesome Zeke looked good he didn’t have that much fantasy production no they’re still getting there so put him back in it I’m ready dynasty production obviously we both love Amari Cooper how about Michael Gallup he would he had the most points receiving he was 7 for 7 with a hundred 58 yards 20 yards that’s he had a lot of yards historically the Cowboys are trying to run it grind it out dak I think is better than people give him credit for Amari Cooper still the number one by far Amari Cooper is a beast straight-up he’s still the number one receiver there I’m not sure that that offense can support two receivers the way that like say the Vikings offense did last year I’m not saying that here happened this year gallops nice value again he’s one of those guys that he think of I’m starting him as my like fifth or fourth receiver and my team I’m feeling pretty good about it but if he’s like my third receiver or second receiver I’m not getting too excited about it but I think he’s he’s on the rise all right 49ers bucks looking at this game specifically from a dynasty perspective of course Mike Evans he had five targets two catches 28 yards well what’s going on with that is this Winston to blame is this Evans I mean everything even the Chris Godwin didn’t have that much I think he had three catches what was the stats on Godwin three catches six targets 53 yards and a touchdown right so with God when he is not like he did too much either other than that touchdown Evans was in and out because he was sick and I think that was the big reason why he wasn’t playing as much well then right yep and then Winston is just a dumpster fire and who knows what’s gonna even happen with him to be honest with you I thought areas just gonna call him that guy down that was with all the offseason hype was couple corrections to his footwork and he was gonna be good to go at this point with Winston I’m gonna say don’t overreact on that we’ll talk about that later I’m still big on Winston this for me if someone’s panicking and offers out wants to get rid of Winston wants to dump him I would use this opportunity to buy okay he’s still young that’s my take on it all in San Francisco just real quick the running back situation I mean if there ever was a running back by committee its San Francisco I mean you have Breda Coleman Raheem bolstered you had you had McKinnon who was injured of course Coleman’s out for a few weeks breed is gonna be the guy correct I agree with you yep what would you pay for Breda if you needed a running back what’s a nova in a cup PPR League yeah PPR League you you need one more running back you’re good everyone else second probably gets it done 20 20 seconds yeah a lot I’m saying it gets it done probably now if you if you’re in a time crunch I need to run it back 20 20 second gets it done I’d like to maybe can I get him for a third and four if you probably can you gotta pay up a little bit you know Steelers page if you’re if you’re this early in the season a person dynasty you shouldn’t be you don’t need a running back in week two so if that’s your situation your team probably sucks anyways and you shouldn’t be buying him for a second it’s good advice that’s fair Steelers Patriots that game was it was just a wipeout I would boldly say that I think the the amazing gold that’s been harvested year after year from the Steelers just fantasy goldmine I think that’s gonna decline I still think you’d use a real deal I think Connors gonna decline I don’t know who was gonna decline James Conner Oh James Conner yeah I think they’re gonna do more of a committee thing I said that last time it wasn’t really the case no but it was week one I’m not worried I’m not worried about her other than Rob’s burgers continue to get along in the toothpaste quarterback so we know that those can grind a little bit longer I’m not overreacting that offensive line is really good I think that the Patriots defense is severely underrated they’re gonna in a Foxborough that’s no easy task I’m not willing I’m out I’m not selling on any of those guys right now I’m feeling fine with them I think they’ll bounce back easy week too but if not

next we can call me out on it sure yeah we’ll discuss that next week excuse me game of the week I have set the game I was most excited for Monday inch foot ball Houston Tex Saints this was amazing yeah if you haven’t seen it check out our Twitter posted an amazing video of DeAndre nuke Hopkins suplexing and just absolutely body slamming the the Saints cornerback after the interception it was pretty amazing but talking about that game deshaun Watson I still say top 4 quarterback he looked amazing DeAndre Hopkins of course is amazing will fuller I think might be the one to talk about their people were a little bit worried about him coming back from injury and stuff he looked fast he looked good Randy Moss had some comments on him he said it wasn’t quite Moss but it still wasn’t me I mean Moss was 6 for fuller is smaller than that but has the wheels for three-speed not worried about at all he only had two catches not sweating it that offense is going to be I think absolutely dynamic on the passing side of things I know Carlos had a little bit of juice on the run game but I’m not sure how good their defense is going to be especially David Jadeveon Clowney out this year so there’s gonna be a lot of passing I wouldn’t be sweating the one touchdown by stills or Kiki QD it will fuller still going to be a great option especially in basketball weeks to have because of his high ceiling absolutely how about on the same site you would specifically said last time that you wanted to see how latavius Murray integrates into that offense he had 43 yards on the ground and one touchdown and also two reception for four yards yeah and I’m not saying necessarily high enemies could have been a feel good value for your team if you’re looking to acquire just an odd running back to maybe fill in as a deep flex debating on how many starters you haven’t you’re having in your on your league yeah he had 40 some yards but one of the carries was for 430 but how many carries did he have total latavius Murray yep I believe I said he had six carries for 43 yards okay so seven seven yards so if you take coached the long 30 yard touchdown run after that he wasn’t provided he wasn’t doing much on the ground when I was watching maybe 5 for 13 right um I still think they’re gonna feed him though you saw him just something out with Alvin Kamara so he did all right yeah jury’s still out fair what a hell of a game though I mean everything happens Watson drives the ball down they score like everything close Craig the field goal that was Venice football ladies and gentlemen that’s amazing we love that yeah and then the final game Broncos Raiders I’d like to commend you John on your spot on an analysis the receivers you said the Flacco is going to target the veteran incumbent and Sanders and he was targeted pretty heavily it was relied on for the touchdown Sutton did look good he still had a 120 yards that’s pretty good I’m as a year progresses we would expect to see so and continue to rise as he learns from Santa becomes more comfortable come on me a son off a sudden already he’s there he had more yards and Sanders did he not yes he did and Sanders had some yards to obviously but a lot of that was you know them playing catch-up towards the end there Sutton looked just I test looked extremely nice I wish I had to share of him I don’t have any shares of sudden he looked wonderful I have a few shares of him I like him as well on the Raiders side we’re gonna do a deep dive here in just a minute on Josh Jacobs but let’s chat Tyrell the Gazelle Tyrone Williams obviously a bees gone Tyrells the number one target there he had six catches for a hundred five yards and a touchdown he’s going to be the number one receiver there are you comfortable starting him as a number two on your team or is he not there yet he’s me number three dynasty wise he’s he’s not a guy if I have him on my dynasty team I want to sell him he’s not the type of guy that’s gonna give you a longevity even if he has a semi-decent season this season which I don’t think he’s gonna have anymore close to a top twelve season or even a top sixteen season you irrespective of the fact that he’s the number-one receiver they’re probably looking at like later top twenty four if that because I don’t think the Raiders are that good they’re gonna be spreading it around a mantra how good Derek Carr is either so he’s a guy that I’m selling if I can if I could get if I could trade him in a second for a first of doing it every single time the 2020 class will get into a one of these podcast man it’s like shooting fish in a barrel I was twenty twenty first I want it now so if I can trade tyro in a second if it’s like a late second right and get him off my team and get a first I don’t care if that first is productive be late I’m on it you want it yes this is a great sell high opportunity and people are always a number one receiver he might be but long-term dynasty asset he hasn’t done it sure Derek Carr was 22 426 259 yards and a touchdown so 85% accuracy I think car is a little bit underrated but we’ll see fair enough fair enough

moving on them so we did we did kind of the end we did the the recap of all the games we want to have a different topic each week this week we had a few of our friends gonna ask us about some players we put together five different players that we want to kind of do a deep dive on job based on week one reaction so if you want me to name on the players you just want to do it one time at Dyson let’s hit it one by one man we’ve kind of alluded to pretty much everyone that I wasn’t dude yeah that’s yeah um first up let’s talk scary Terry of course we’re talking Terry MacLaren’s wide receiver Washington Redskins yeah man so he had the big week last week right could have had two touchdowns at Case Keenum overthrew all-rookie this year six feet tall 208 pounds right ran a 4-3 five and I had a 37 point 5 inch vertical at the combo and man so he is there’s a reason why they call him scary Terry with that speed right yeah he went for five catches 125 yards in a touchdown a week one so that’s a great debut for rookie the Redskins took him at the 70 76 overall so in the third round right so he doesn’t have as much draft pedigree as maybe we’d like well and there’s a reason why right because this guy yeah sure he’s got the burner Jets he’s an athlete he’s gifted but I want to talk about this is what is college production loss okay so his sophomore year he had 11 catches for 114 yards and two touchdowns that’s nothing right his junior year he had 29 catches 436 yards six catches man and this is at Ohio State by the way so Big Ten senior year he had only 35 catches for 701 yards and 11 touchdowns so over the course of his career he had 1200 yards now to give you a comparison okay now this is gonna be a guy with who a deep production but just to give you a comparison right Amari Cooper who’s 6 1 and ran a 4-4-2 at the comma and so a little bit slower and I don’t mean to compare them necessary completely but the weights are the same to Cooper was in 210 weighting in at 210 right in his three-year college career and the SCC at Alabama he had 30 400 yards so almost triple the production of scary Terry and he had 31 touchdowns compared to scary Terry is 19 same three year span okay in Big Ten SEC pretty close but SEC is a little bit more difficult competition so the scary Terry hype man is that he’s athletic he’s got this at metric Marvel we call him right but his production he wasn’t he he wasn’t able to pan out in college as far as being able to have the crazy production that we want or would expect for someone that’s so athletically gifted right it’s like one of those guys like Kevin white Wow right absolute speed had one good year at West Virginia or Chris Connelly as a metric guy that comes to mind yeah good production but he didn’t have the he’s slow well I think so I got some questions I’m oh I’m not done I’m up but I’m almost on with it I’m gonna let you finish because I’m gonna get to my point well what the dynasty action plan is okay saying all the negative things that I just said was–it’s and positives good athletic great he’s got a couple things working in his favor one is his college quarterback was doing Haskins so inevitably when Case Keenum falters cuz we know that he’s gonna fault her Dwayne house is taken over but in addition to that he’s doing fine with Case Keenum I’m thinking he’s probably the number one receiver there Jordan Reed rest in peace okay that ain’t looking very good Vernon Davis is long in the tooth he’ll provide he had a sick touchdown Trey Quinn slot guy and then Paul Richardson it’s very possible that this guy is the number one receiver and playing on a Redskins team this year that is going to be passionate ball a lot so here’s what I’m Maya dynasty action plan is pretty simple I don’t think he can keep this up but he is any lightning in the bottle situation here with Haskins with him being the number one receiver I would not be surprised the rest can draft another receiver draft a receiver from the 2020 class next year when they have a nice early pick Terry’s gonna put up some more big games this year okay guaranteed you’ll have some boom busts because the Redskins are going bust ladies gonna have some big games because rest gonna be claimed to be hit from behind if you can get a twenty twenty first run selling if your team is contending and he’s a four or five wide receiver for you I might be holding that but if I can if I’m a middling team or if he’s a guy that isn’t even in my starting lineup but he’s putting up these numbers fighting it at twenty twenty first and I wouldn’t be surprised if because I think he will continue to make this production I wouldn’t be surprised mid-year that you’re gonna be able to get even more from Thunder twenty twenty first potentially but over the long haul I got some trepidation about him just based on the fact of his his profile that he had that he had in college he wasn’t dominant fair a lot of good points there the the part I want to extract dig into is you talk about fantasy football who do you want on your team you want people who have talent and you want people who have opportunity I would argue that the metric Marvel has the talent now the question is does he have the opportunity he does and I didn’t I’ll be honest I didn’t watch a lot of college football I don’t know a lot of heaven grinded the film yet that’s something I’m getting into now did he have the opportunity in college or did he have people in front of him he had the opportunity just like any other receiver to be able to be the team’s number one receiver and with what opportunity he did have he made a fair impression stats wise right like a senior year you know thirty five catches 701 yards and 11 touchdowns but to give you a comparison of another guy we talked about John Ross on his senior year had 17 touchdowns and 1,150 or 1150 yards in his senior year which is more than scary Terry had his entire career so if you’re good enough cream rises to the top generally speaking hmm good points but he’s got an opportunity and on the Redskins and I’m not I would not be surprised if he continues it yeah yeah what about his teammates let’s talk a darius guys the Jews who man I’m pretty high on him nine dynasty leagues I got two shares of him which isn’t a lot but one of them is in my big league 511 220 ran a 449 at the combine two years ago obviously sat out all of last year with the torn ACL from the preseason came back this year and he had 10 carries for 18 yards if I’m not mistaken this against the Eagles this past week yeah 10 carries 80 minutes in college just an absolute beast had 1,300 yards a sophomore season 15 touchdowns junior year he had 1200 yards and 11 touchdowns some issues he didn’t really have a lot of receiving production but his Russian production was absolutely excellent and I think there were some reports about him being able to catch the ball in the off season even though they got Chris Thompson there we’re really disappointed to hear about this meniscus situation but I’m still buying this is a great opportunity to buy because now there is a bahai window here Wow EP comes back the Redskins drafted this guy he felled to do so maybe some character issues questions about that if I can sell it 2012 mm-hm do I want to say that if I know I have a late 2020 first a late 2020 first I’m buying guys with it still believe that guys is nice you think dice is worth a late 2020 first yes I think that that’s gonna be what it probably takes to buy because the people who have him are invested in it but I think I wouldn’t pay any more than that but I think that gets the job done and I’ve sent out offers and other leagues for that interesting well I’m excited to hear how those pan out for you on that that that seems like an overpay um I I bought into a little bit of the guys hype I have a few of him but all along I’ve been saying what has he done in the NFL college is one thing people tear it up in college and they get to the NFL and things don’t happen yeah I’m so open SEC though that’s the gold standard sure I mean generally things can be good indicators but what has he done in the NFL well you can’t kind of last year because he turns a seal well availability is an important part of fantasy football though if you’re constantly injured like hunter Henry right and I hear you on that that’s sort of the risk that you’re taking with this meniscus situation but I mean shoot I was trying to buy him four seconds four seconds and no one was selling when he was about to start right because they lot of people had him like Seiko and Barclays I was seeing a tear of his own but pre-draft 2018 was during the rookie draft process there were actually people on Twitter the had guys above Berkeley and I think that’s just sacrilegious that but and this 94 the Berkeley started playing right yeah but guys was like a tear of his own it was Berkeley guys and then you had your chub penny so on and so forth sony carry yep so Nikkei Thank You yep okay so I’m still believing ma’am okay yeah I might I might throw out some offers and some leaves firm to see what happens Tressa Pratt was John Ross no correct me if I’m wrong here but wasn’t he a first round rookie pick in most leagues correct he was going in a later first round of rookies rookie drafts one nine one ten sometimes you could find him at my Steven saw him in the early seconds of some drafts and with some variance in like the middle first but a lot of those picks in 2017 we’re gonna be your your running backs because you also had a tomorrow there for instance juju the time I had some names are escaping before this cook yeah for net yeah cook you’re right but for net was going all that first overall yeah Williams Corey Davis yep um okay what he did there he obviously had a huge massive game he surprised a lot of people he’s got speed it’s he gonna be a fit this year is it’s a one game fluke I mean we don’t want to have overreact but at the same time if this is any indication of what’s to come you see an off is hereby so here I think you said you sell them for at first right yeah you know I don’t think you can get that but what I was saying is I would sell Ross in a second for a first would be my action plan on it and see what you can get maybe even throw on a third if you need to yeah he ran a 4-2 we all know about that broke the combine record for 40 speed you know I said earlier senior season man was 81 catches which is a lot for the guy 1150 yards and 17 touchdowns he didn’t have any production junior year and/or sophomore year to speak of that was the big one was a senior year last year or two years ago I should say he injured himself he’s been perpetually injured last year just a real weird stat line right so he had seven touchdowns but only in 21 catches so almost like a poor man’s Tyler Lockett but didn’t have the yards with it with only 210 yards what the hell this is gonna be a big-time sell for me no questions asked because you got AJ Green well again I know long in the 231 years old but he’s coming back reports today even though that he that even that he took off his walking boot and you got Tyler Boyd he was all the rage and had a solid season last year so Ross comes back or AJ Green comes back and they also got mixing with the strong running game and Ross is probably the third receiver there in an offense that I don’t think can even support a third receiver it’s an absolute sell for me you can probably sell him for a second straight I’d like to get a little juice on that but if someone offered me a second and I wasn’t contending shoot man he was he was worth but the start of the season you probably couldn’t even sell him for a fourth maybe you could sell for a fourth but a third wasn’t happening so here’s a sell for me man here’s my take on that yes you buy this guy for a first-round pick and again I talked to a hundred if he is like the stock market so let’s say you buy him for a hundred dollars that’s what he’s valued in the first round okay he doesn’t do anything year after year his value goes all the way down to ten or twenty dollars in the fraction he’s not worth anything you could sell for that and maybe take that a little bit of whatever 1/4 you get reinvested in something else or you could hold all of a sudden something happens news breaks a shareholders boom his stock is way back up here so now you got to ask yourself are you selling while the value is close to what you bought it at or maybe even exceeding that’s the difference here I never bought I would never draft John Ross with a first-round draft pick never dead just to small situation didn’t look good so how I acquired him so right his 17th season was nothing right there was a watch because he got injured he had like one catch he got hit and fumbled it and then he was out for the rest of the season right so I acquired him in some 18 rookie draft or 18 start-up drafts like Late Late Late Late and he’s just been a kind of miring away out of him I had him on a best ball roster so I was feeling pretty good about this past week and then I acquired him in another sort of trap this summer that you and I were in and I probably got him in like the 20th round right for for the non-elite mines as yourself who did take him in the first though who did pay that capital for them is now the time to get back what they could you said he’s an absolute sell so I believe the answer that is yes yes especially being a third receiver there cuz the other option is wait and see if that stock starts to get aside from probably selling I don’t know if I’m gonna best ball league with them maybe I’m holding just because I think that see Lincoln’s to be show to search through the ceiling if I’m in a best ball league I’m probably one a little bit more than a second but if that’s just like a starter player if I get a second especially like a 10 team superplex Li man the seconds in 2020 are gonna be absolutely bonus man because I can already I could lay out the first round for you and it’s shooting fish in a barrel like just put your hand and grab a grab a guy and you’re gonna be good to go so the second round draft picks and a team even in a 12 but in a 10 team Superflex League have so much more about value money love it love it love it two more players to analyze

next up on the list it’s Josh Jacobs I talked about him about how that’s why I was excited to see on the Raiders let’s see what this rookie could do he rose to the top of a lot of draft boards he went number one overall as I mentioned yet two touchdowns 85 yards number one overall on a lot of rookie drafts yeah yes yes number one in a lot of rookie drafts for clarifying out what’s the take on him yeah and then some people want carry on him too so a really interesting case right so his freshman year and I want you to compare this to the guy swear I said he had like Darius guys he had thirteen hundred yards and twelve hundred yards his sophomore junior sees just give the listeners kind of a perspective on this both playing in the SEC right guys played for LSU Jacobs played for Alabama right so we know what guy says yards were 1,300 1,200 in the sophomore junior season okay Jacobs rushing yards and he take care to take a guess how many rushing yards yet I remember hearing he had very little college project production so many guests like 500 but I you know would be even worse I’ll get I’ll say his freshman because it I’ll say his freshman those freshman was 567 sophomore with four touchdowns sophomore year 284 yards 1 touchdown junior 640 yards 11 touchdowns ok now his receiving on the other hand for the guy looks kind of big chunky and stocky you’d think he wouldn’t be that good of a receivers receiving was actually really good a senior or junior he had 20 catches 247 yards was pretty good for college production for a running back right so he’s interesting right he ran a 4 4 5 2 4 5 6 range on a second college pro day before hand before hand he he had a 40 yard time that was in like the four sixes but he was able to improve on his pro day he had a groin injury so I think that might have been part of it as well like I said productive on the receiving side of things rushing wise I here’s the caveat that I’m gonna put in there part of the reason why his rushing score source was so much lower I think I’m gonna give whenever there’s a back at like Georgia Alabama colors like the RB u universities you know D me Harris actually had more rushing yards last year last year at Alabama I was around a thousand then Jacobs did in both years and both the sophomore and junior year for Jacobs so they’re splitting carries Jacobs had 11 touchdowns last year so he’s kind of like a bowling ball in that respect so I think if Jacobs were to have gotten to a different school where they didn’t have the split I’m thinking that Jacobs probably would have had more rushing yards than he did so I like where he’s sitting right now with Oakland Raiders any of the 2020 running backs were talking about Etienne Swift Jonathan Jonathan Taylor from Wisconsin cam Akers even any of those guys are more are gonna be more metrically sound more more production the whole nine yards the way safer than Jacobs like Jacobs would not takes would be a late first in 2020 okay super flex League late late first that being said I like where he is right now I don’t mind it I think there’s not really a cell or byline I think that he’s the type of guy if you have him you’re holding if you’re trying to buy him you’re not going to get him because he just had a big game yeah and I wouldn’t necessarily be trying to sell either because I think he’s gonna have a solid year if you’re a contender and you got him he’s gonna get fair value for you and he’s gonna be a solid issue running back for you I think down the stretch we’re looking at back and RB one type of player I don’t think he’s ever gonna be a top five dynasty running big asset by any means yeah but is he a fine asset to have yes well tell him to an opportunity I was surprised I’m on the rookie drafts how high he rose up and when looking into the little bit that I did on the research job have that huge Pollack production it’s like where is this guy coming from yo why is he so high but then he goes out there and has I believe the best of what any other rookie oh yeah he was first to run Iraq drafted its song he was yeah he was a 24th overall pick in the draft last player we have to analyze here before we sign off for the night I was calling him munchkin because I had never heard no I sir I have any holes fulls gets injured next thing this guy with the pornstache mustache comes out on the screen and I’m like as I see the back of his jersey I’m at a bunch of letters like who that who the hell is this munchkin guy yeah so guard Gardner Minshew I pulled up some some quick stats on him and I lost him I’m sorry go ahead and start your analysis well yeah and it was funny because this entire week you had munchkin was in the back of my head and so whenever I was trying to like I was like looking I’m up doing some extra research on him I kept I kept remembering his last name forgetting his last name because I thought it was a munchkin I couldn’t remember it’s mint you know I finally get it memorized right so gardner minshew yeah 6 1 2 25 that’s not a gigantic frame by any means for a quarterback I mean you get Kyler Murray here who’s gonna be you know Kyler Murray’s like 510 511 right Minju 6 1 225 has seen his last year here at Washington State he had a 70 point 7 percent completion percentage finished actually 5th and Heisman voting had 38 touchdowns 9 touched 9 interceptions that is not bad whatsoever had 47 yards forty-seven hundred yards passing and that completion percentage as you saw 70% is a great number to have you saw that play and exactly what happened with the Chiefs not granted the chief Stephens probably isn’t a class but he went 22 for 25 or 278 yards and two touchdowns that’s nothing to sneeze that on a rookie quarterback drafted in the sixth round coming in with no prior experience yeah he’s just even against Chiefs I absolutely loved it coming out of college had good accuracy the question the reason why he kind of fell a I think a size six one that’s not prototypical so you have to be absolutely elite in all facets in order to rise up like a Kyler Murray dead and its velocity was another question that I think a lot of people had just of all stay on the ball this is a guy that’s on a lot of dynasty waiver wire so here’s the here’s the dynasty action plan and again this being on a Wednesday night a lot of this may have passed but waiver wire here’s what I saw today I saw a hundred we had a free agent budget of $100 two teams bid 100 we had a tie breaker one god another person was like what’s the tiebreaker right I was a super flex League right and it’s deep rosters right so it’s not like the tertiary guys on the roster I mean the the the the waiver wire is absolutely bone-dry so when a guy like Minshew comes out you got to pay for him yeah and a super flex league I’d actually spent all my money blow it all man I know one quarterback league I’m putting out a feeler out there if the drawers are deep enough just to have him on my roster but it’s tough I am excited Nick Foles is supposed to come back but I’m kind of excited what he’d what he could do just because he was pretty good when he was in college and he did absolutely great 22 for 25 like I said against the Chiefs yeah so he’s a guy that I’m interested in a super flex League to acquire absolutely this isn’t the first time this has happened in the NFL let’s look at Kurt Warner let’s look at Tom Brady even both these guys come in after somebody else was injured they came in with opportunity surprise a lot of time Radio six Rowan I’m not saying this guy’s Tom Brady yeah I’m just saying this type of story has happened before sure it would be another shot in our flash-in-the-pan shot Sean the dark but perfect he’s interesting well I think that about wraps it up for the the main five players

so we’re gonna end with some dynasty advice here so a common common theme we had talked about a little bit today that John had definitely brought up is don’t over react to week one don’t push the panic button if someone else is pushing the panic button it might be a good time to take advantage of them but my take is that you can wait until the middle of the season you can wait a few weeks you can find out if you are a contender or a pretender and then decide to go all-in herself we’re gonna be talking about that a lot as we get through this week John yeah man my final last words just one piece of advice is just to piggyback off of Brent this is dynasty okay this isn’t redraft this isn’t DFS right we’re not playing prop as this is dynasty so you have to look at it the long haul and if you’re really acting weak one man you need to reassess things right the number one attribute that you can have in this game the best my opinion character trait to be the best is the owner she could possibly be is the word patience if you can be patience and not overreact not have those knee-jerk reactions to oh my gosh so-and-so didn’t score a touchdown this shoot this week I need to I need to sell or somebody’s injured they’re not worth anything right that’s the type of mindset that’s going to have you miring in a deep state of sadness for your dynasty career so my piece of advice is exactly Brent said this is dynasty so be patient and do not overreact but take advantage of those owners that are quick to pull the eject button absolutely thanks John

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